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Dear Yoga Yenta…(5)

Dear Yoga Yenta…(5)

Published: 17-10-2011 - Last Edited: 12-08-2021

Dear Yoga Yenta...(5)

Yoga Yenta

Dear Yoga Yenta,

I have been wanting to try yoga but I really don”™t like to be barefoot in public. It”™s partly a germ thing and partly because I”™m self-conscious about my feet. Is it okay to wear socks during yoga? Will I be shunned?

Icky foot

Dear Icky foot,

Totally hear you on this one. I suffered from major feet anxiety before I discovered the joy of the regular mani/pedi (which is not just a luxury for girls, by the way!) Practically speaking, practicing asanas (poses) bare footed on a mat works best so you have enough traction to stay in place and hold the poses without slipping. But if it”™s foot coverage or bust for you, I”™d go for socks, preferably some with rubber on the soles (or rubber-soled shoes that you don”™t wear outside).

Fear of looking weird, or of some stranger making fun of your athlete”™s foot, while totally natural, does not need to keep you from enjoying yoga. In fact, it can be yet another exercise in self-acceptance that yoga helps us to explore.

Om Shanti & Infinite gratitude,

Yoga Yenta

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