habits of financially successful yogis


Health before wealth

Highly successful yogis, by my definition, do not just have numbers in the bank that make them financially free – meaning that their current passive income exceeds their current monthly expenses. They have also worked to establish a wealthy and successful lifestyle that balances their health, spirituality, personal and professional relationships, and family.

These yogis may spend 20% of each day managing their money, talking to their accountants, bankers, investment advisors, or even yogi entrepreneur colleagues about a new business deal. Then they go to a yoga class, get a massage, hang out with their families, travel, and probably do several types of philanthropic work in their communities.

I’ve always believed that when you arrive at the point at which you spend 20% of your day managing your money and the rest doing what you want, you are most likely financially free. However, what if you spent 2% to 3% of your energy per day, each and every day, focusing on your ideal vision with money in your future, creating plans and then taking active steps to achieve that vision?

Do you think your results today with money would be different? Do you think you would have more confidence about managing your money and creating significantly new passive income streams?

The fact is, financially successful yogis have disciplined themselves to tenaciously focus each day on their ideal financial future. It becomes a consistent daily practice for these yogis to actively engage themselves in their money matters.

Most individuals have yet to focus on their financial futures, let alone achieving financial freedom. I find that for a good majority of people, there is an unconscious belief that creating financial wealth is a mystery – some investment opportunity they missed out on or some magic formula not available to them.

Some even fear that the weight of responsibility would be so great if they got financially comfortable that they unconsciously decide not to. It’s been said that where attention goes, energy flows, and results show.

One of the quickest ways to step out of being financially challenged is to start focusing on clarifying what you want financially for your short-term future (3 years) and your long-term future (10 years).

I believe the universe is dying to give us what our hearts desire. All we have to do is clarify what that is and take action to prepare ourselves to receive it. When you clarify what it is that you want, you invoke the powerful process of manifestation, whereby you begin attracting people, situations and opportunities into your life to help you achieve your ideal future visions.

By making this plan you have written specific financial goals to keep you accountable. If you don’t take the time to start with this template, you lose the opportunity to achieve any new significant financial results besides those you currently have, and any attempt you make to create a new financial result will most likely be slow moving and very challenging.

As a financial expert, I implicitly understand that for those who have inherited a dysfunctional pattern for dealing with money and attracting prosperity, having grown up without the tools and skills for creating financial freedom, the idea of creating a life of wealth and success can seem like an impossible dream.

But what most people do not realize is that knowledge is power. When we invest in our financial education, we are investing in ourselves and affirming our potential for success. The act of doing this immediately upgrades what we believe we deserve and prepares us to receive on an entirely new level too.

Ask any successful yogi if they have allocated time, energy and money to working with financial experts, coaches or even groups that are geared toward providing support, tools, knowledge and skills to achieving their desired financial results and they will most likely give you a laundry list of all the different places and people they have worked with along the way toward achieving their financial freedom.

An integral part of achieving wealth and success is being willing to ask questions and seek out those who can guide us along that path. It is achievable for each and every one of us.

When we say yes to our fullest financial potential through focusing on that area of our life through financial visioning, goal-setting, action steps and education, we unleash the financially successful yogi inside of us.

The majority of yogis who have understood how to manage the financial part of their life, will tell you that it is not just being financially free today that is great; they will also tell you that their personal journey toward creating financial freedom, going after their dreams, responding to challenges, and the personal transformation they experienced along the way was the greatest gift of all. 

The act of inventing themselves and taking responsibility for their path infuses their lives with a sense of fulfillment, self-confidence and peace, which they can then send out into the world and share with the people they encounter.

Successful yogis understand that the present is created from the future against a backdrop of the past. Breathe life into your dreams and your daily waking reality will become a mantra for stepping out of your financial comfort zones into your ideal future life’s vision!

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