embracing uncertainty

when the current is strong don’t swim against it

At some point in life, one goes through dis-education. If you think you never have or never will, see what happens within you when you read my suggestions below. You may realize you have similar innate resources and solutions. In my experience, I have seen three pathways to help us go through uncertain times.

Diseducation is a positive step where we let go of behaviors that no longer serve our personality. It can be a small change, leading to the unthinkable risk you never dared to take, such as the addiction or relationship you want to let go of, a mistake you don’t want to commit again. Yet, despite all your conscious efforts to distance yourself from these patterns, you find yourself still swimming in the same waters. During the process of dis education there is always a moment of doubt or void due to our resistance to change.

Times of change and times of uncertainty also come with highlights, especially when we experience boredom, anger, panic, frustration…or maybe you know of another feeling here.

As adults, we need confidence boosters, sense of safety and a little taste for the unknown.

Confidence booster

Connect with a person you admire . Give them a call, or go for a walk or a coffee, and openly ask for advice in the field you feel they have success. This person is a role model for that particular theme in your life.

Sense of safety

Find a moment of solitude where you do something that completely absorbs you whether you are alone or in a new environment.  It could be a walk on the beach, a walk in the woods, a massage, or a happy day in your own nest or through the city if that is your thing. You know what triggers your endorphins.

Take a little risk

Doing something that comes easy to you but in a different way can also stimulate your adrenaline. What does wonders for me is what I call the Missing Plan Arrangement or Lack of Plans.

Society teaches us to have plans to go somewhere and then come back to the point of origin. Journeys are a metaphor of our lives.

For me, I make travel arrangements and then things change and I miss my return ticket. Once I accept that I’ll lose that money or I try to ask for refunding, that always becomes very complex no matter how you ride the world and I am then confronted with the adrenaline of the unknown.

The outcome is that my irrational choice forces me to accept that I have to go with the flow of life, and allow plans to change and thereby focus on finding temporary solutions.  These three elements bring me to a new zone and my reality feels different because I enrich my journey with trust through little achievement. And I always come back, and I come back a little bit different.

Depending on who you are, each person manifests uncertainty in a unique way.  Like a child goes from crawling to standing, we adults can use pushes and pulls, gravity and attraction, learning and shaking to rise and fall of new positive habits within our personality.

This process of uncertainty is the key. It is life shaking you through your personality until it is no longer able to contain this little change, asking the seed you are, to pierce through the earth surface, and bloom into the sun and grow into the plant you are designed to be. At difficult times, we should remember we all go through life in our own way. Let it be elegant and most of all, let us keep in mind that the greatest success will be to let be what it is meant to be.

We must be patient and trust that it takes less time to change and more time to see that change.

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