follow your gut

divine guidance feeds the soul

About six months ago, I had a vision. For a fleeting moment in my mind’s eye, I spied a brown leathery jacket adorned with zippers and buckles.

Did I dismiss what flew in and departed in a blink? No. I never do.

I set out for Route 22 where all my errands could be ticked off my to do list. Again, while driving, I saw the jacket. This time, I smiled. Brown, sweet and hot, I felt it beckon me. I knew I would possess this piece of hipsterwear, but I didn’t know when.

I have never been pulled over for DWC — Driving While Clairvoyant (Divine seeing), and I sure wasn’t going to turn off my inner headlights now. An almost imperceptible voice strongly urged me to turn right. Clairaudience (Divine hearing) had just kicked in. I turned into a shopping center that wasn’t on the agenda. Would a breathalyzer find me out? With a broad smile on my face, this hound dog was ready to sniff out why she was led to the Blue Star Shopping Center. Never once questioning the right turn, I entered a clothing store and made a beeline for the petite section. The knowing (claircognizance) was strong; I believed I was being guided to something, yet I had no clue why I was so moved.

Had my internal GPS gone awry? Why was the petite section made obsolete?” I queried. I felt the air slowly fizzle from my bubble of adventure. A strong feeling (clairsentience) made me look up. How did it happen that my eyes raised right to the sign that read “Juniors?” “I haven’t shopped in this section for years,” I muttered. My feet knew better. Within a few seconds, my hands were on a brown leathery jacket adorned with zippers and buckles. I donned the third eye garment and shivered. (Shivering and goose bumps usually indicate that one is on to something or there is truth to the matter.)

My transaction at the counter was swift and I returned to my car in awe. What had happened to me wasn’t novel; I have experienced variations on this theme throughout my life. The difference this time was my heeding the vision, the words, the knowing and the feelings immediately after experiencing them. As corny as it might sound to some, I believe my spirit guides and I have a good thing going. We’re tight. Today, I know that the gut feeling I receive, whether it be visual, aural, cognitive, or visceral leads me to what is for my highest good.

You might ask how a hipster jacket in a Juniors department purchased mid-morning during an errands run serves me well. That is a good question with many possible answers. Sometimes we know sooner, other times later and sometimes we just never know. The lesson so marked for me was this: When you follow your gut — your Divine Guidance — you are being directed to what serves you. If you question it, you move yourself away from what could benefit you now or down the road.

A jacket is a jacket.” “This is an unnecessary piece of clothing.” “I can’t consider this important to me.” Did I choose to question what came through me? I didn’t because when a message comes a’ knockin’, I answer the call.

Divine Guidance is a term I use to describe spirit guideship. Before we incarnate, we usually choose two spirit guides to advise us on our journey in “Earth School.” These beloved advisors are souls we walk with in other lifetimes. We find them very wise and trust they will remain Home (there) while we go to Earth (here) so they may chat with our higher selves from our inception thorugh our passing. We reunite with them when we return Home.

Spirit guides discuss all issues with us. Some are specialists in finances, while others focus on relationships. We are always covered when it comes to issues that might arise throughout our life. Guides might change out so a new trusted soul might take a turn. Imagine having personal life coaches who are with you 24/7! It’s a beautiful and blessed arrangement you make during your pre-birth planning session.

People who have opened spiritual channels are able to communicate with their guides. If one is unable, it is OK. The gut feeling, vision, word or knowing is their signature. (As do I, some taste (clairgustance) and smell (clairsalience) signs, and these, too, are Divine.)

The jacket that hangs in my closet was worn in a photo shoot shortly after its purchase. It’s a prize. More so, it is a concrete reminder that I am not alone and I am loved by trusted friends on the other side of the Veil.

One of my favorite advisements to friends and clients nowadays is this: “If They say, ‘Bake a pie,’ you bake the f’in’ pie. Why the pie? Don’t ask. Just bake the pie!”

I know my place is in the kitchen. I see, hear, feel and know it is.

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