dressing-up in eco luxury


Yoga meets fashion, really? Yes, really! Fashion allows and teaches us how to be playful, how to be self-expressive and how to dress-up…just like we did when we were kids. And what better way to express such an art form than to conduct a photo-shoot featuring some of our community’s Yoga teachers out of their usual yoga clobber and into some luxury, stylish Eco-fashion pieces.

Yogi Times proudly presents to you Alter-Ego, a shoot created to showcase Eco-fashion and to capture some of the thoughts from our Yoga teaching community.

“The future is going to be bringing every aspect of human life and living into awareness, connectedness and sacredness. So fashion is beautiful. Dressing up is beautiful. All of the ways we express ourselves are yoga. Sri Aurobindo said, ”All of life is yoga.” I don’t believe that yoga is here to deny any part of us but to help us be fully human.” 

Saul David Raye – Thai yoga therapist & yoga teacher – Los Angeles –

“Loving to hang out with the Yogi Times posse in stilettos and fishnets! I loved this shoot because it says: Have fun! Play!
Don’t be too serious!”

Stephanie Snyder – Yoga teacher, San Francisco –

“It’s always good to surprise yourself, to try on new personas and let your identity have some room to play. This beautiful life is far too brief not to shed your self-imposed masks and see yourself from as many unique angles as possible. Plus, hello! it’s a kilt.
How could I say no?“

Rusty Wells – Bhakti Flow Teacher, San Francisco –

“I have loved living in places”¯in the world where the body is a canvas for inner expression and people reflect life with color and passion- from being with the Masai in Kenya to the art of Kathakali in Kerala, India.”¯I have been an ascetic in the past – now I love opening to the Lila”¯- the divine play – and embracing what life brings with fullness.”

 – Shiva Rea – Yoga teacher, Planet Earth, Los Angeles –

“We’re so blessed that you’ve been a part of the community and congratulations on all of your success. This is really exciting for me. I’ve done a lot of yoga photo shoots but this is a chance for me to explore a different side of myself.”

 –Hala Khouri M.A. -Yoga teacher & psychotherapist, – Los Angeles –

“I’ve been called many things in my life. A fashion model is not one of them. Thanks Yogi Times for helping me realize my inner Tyrese!” 

Anthony Benenati – Yoga teacher & former owner of City Yoga, Los Angeles (sold to Yoga Works)

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