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Yoga Yenta

Dear Yoga Yenta,

I wonder what you think about the topic of music in yoga classes? I go to a lot of Vinyasa and flow classes – and have a dance background – so sometimes the right music really moves me, or alternatively, complete silence inspires me. What doesn’t work is the new age drecky stuff that so many teachers seem to think is necessary to be “spiritual” in class. I won’t name names to be bitchy, but oh, okay, since you’re twisting my arm, I’ll name one. Does Enya for the hundredth time really take you to God faster?

Just sign me,

Yoga Rocker

Dear Yoga Rocker,
Meeeooow. You are a yenta after my own heart. I agree that diversity is important and that the ambient soundtrack of yoga (silent, musical or otherwise) can have a major impact on the practice, either inspiring…or not so much.

Enya aside, we all have different moods and tastes. Appreciating your instructor’s music selections or lack thereof is part of the process of finding the classes that work best for you. Although it would be great if yoga teacher trainings included DJ school, this is clearly not the case. You can try making your own mixes for home practice and sharing them with some of your musically-challenged instructors (but, don’t be insulted if they don’t play them in class).

Just as we experience poses differently in our bodies every time we do them, we can try to do the same thing when we hear the same songs over and over again. The point is to get out of our heads and have an internal experience, including tuning out the music, noise or distractions that don’t work for you.

Om Shanti & Infinite gratitude,
Yoga Yenta

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