3 creative journaling practices for more mindfulness

Can journaling help you grow?

Journaling is the newest hype in the realm of mindfulness. But how does journaling help you with anxiety?

And how does creativity help you towards personal growth?

Here are three creative journaling practices you can easily incorporate into your daily life for more mindfulness and happiness.

Did you know that everyone is naturally wired to be creative?

Yes, even you.

Creativity is considered to be essential to your happiness and a life-changing tool for personal growth.

Due to the creative outlet, you can channel your feelings and get into a dialog with your surroundings and – most importantly – with yourself.

In other words, connecting to your creativity is not only a great way of self-expression but also your doorway to self-healing.

And as a little side note: you don’t need to be either an artist or artistically talented for that. All you need is to create your journaling practice.

Stream of consciousness

The so-called “stream of consciousness” is a creative technique to learn how to loosen your grip on life and letting things flow naturally.

It is a freeing, introspective journaling method that allows you to write down unspoken truths, hidden subconscious revelations, and intuitive pearls of wisdom.

However, the first thing to keep in mind before facing your innermost thoughts – as contradictory as it sounds – is not to overthink! It doesn’t sound evident at first, but it’ll get more comfortable with time.

Ditch your writing anxiety logically and let your most instant and raw internal impulses come to life on paper.

The best moment to do this journaling practice is in the early mornings, right after waking up when your mind is still empty and not saturated with to-do-lists, sensory impressions, and daily stress.

So, start your day with the stream of consciousness, write down one full page of unfiltered, intuitive thoughts and release blockages and anxieties first thing in the morning.

Positive affirmations

Another beautiful journaling practice (and also an ideal addition after the stream of consciousness) is working with positive affirmations. You’re using affirmations all the time – whether you’re aware of it or not. And nearly 80% of them are negative self-talk.

These repeated self-destructive thoughts are being hardcoded in your subconscious as limiting beliefs that will eventually become a reality.

Because whatever you tell yourself regularly will make you believe it to be true.

The psychological power behind positive affirmations is based on changing those underlying limitations into an empowering belief system.

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Keeping a daily journaling practice with three positive affirmations will not only uplift you instantly but ultimately become habituated and turn into permanent encouraging thoughts.

Keep in mind to always write your affirmations in the present tense as if they were already real, use “I” statements and keep your affirmations focused on yourself, not on things outside of yourself, and avoid words like “don’t” or “not.”

Focus on what you do want, not on what you don’t. And, lastly, repeat your affirmations consistently throughout your day.

Oh, and by the way: You are beautiful the way you are. You are good enough. You are worthy of loving yourself.

not book with pen and blue sticker journaling mindful

Gratitude writing

A mindful and creative journaling practice to end your day is gratitude writing.

This simple journaling method will shift your perspective on the positive things in your (daily) life. Moreover, it reframes your thoughts on specific aspects of yourself.

Let’s say your life was a piece of art: if you neglected it and left it in a dusty corner, it would be in a terrible condition.

But if you put it in a beautiful frame and hang it on the wall with a spotlight on it, you’ll see it in a different light (literally and figuratively spoken).

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We tend to focus on negative things and complain a lot.

We forget about all the beautiful and precious moments, factors, and people in our lives that we’re appreciative of.

What you write about during your journaling practice can be as ordinary as the smell after the rain.

It can be a hot chocolate cup after a long day or a friendly conversation with a colleague. By writing down three things that you’re grateful for, you end your day with gratitude, love, and humility.

It’s a beautiful journaling tool to change your perspective, reframe your thoughts, and see your life in a different light.

In short

Incorporate those three journaling practices for more creativity and mindfulness, heal yourself, and transform your life with playfulness and creative sparks.

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