turmeric papaya mocktail

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In order to produce the Morange, you’ll need these bar tools: shaker tin, mixing glass, muddler, strainer, bar spoon, citrus squeezer, Martini glass.

turmeric papaya mocktail ingredients

• 1 tumeric root • 1 slice (2cm) of sweet ripe orange papaya • 1/2 an orange (45ml) • 1 lime (20ml) • 2 barspoons of pure honey (20ml) • 1 shot of water (45ml) • ice

how to prepare turmeric papaya mocktail

Step 1. Cut the fresh piece of tumeric root into slices, place it in a mixing glass and gently pound with a muddler until mashed. Step 1. Cut the ripe slice of papaya into chunks, place it in the mixing glass and muddle again. Step 1. Squeeze 1/2 an orange and 1 lime into the mixture. Step 2. Add 1 shot of water and 2 barspoons of pure honey. Step 3. Fill the mixing glass with ice and seal tightly with a shaker tin. Step 4. Shake hard and strain into a Martini glass. Step 5. Garnish with a bit of orange zest. Enjoy! You also might like this 5 fun ways to boost your health & happiness