5 fun hobbies that can improve your health and wellbeing

enjoyable, achievable exercise is the key.

Midway through the year, many people find themselves looking back at their New Year’s fitness resolutions with wistful sadness. A recent survey indicated that 65% of participants resolved to exercise more at the start of 2019. Often, however, the scale of lofty running goals or an unattainable, self-imposed weight goal is what discourages people from staying consistent with their goals through the year. If you haven’t reached your own fitness goals this year, don’t worry! It’s never too late to start.

Enjoyable, achievable exercise is the key. Many people wish they knew of easier ways to fit more exercise in their daily or weekly routine. Getting fit doesn’t have to be boring! Keep reading for five ways to improve your health and wellbeing while also having fun.


Even thinking about running can make some people nervous. To grow from a person who loves to run instead of dreading it, starting nice and easy is the best option. Persistence and hard work are key! Set fun, exciting targets to introduce running into your routine. Running 1 mile is a great start if you’re a beginner or have been out of action for a while.

Feeling exhausted and sore is a big downside that pushes people away from running. Make sure to warm up correctly to keep all joints limber before starting. Take the time to find a comfortable, moisture-wicking running outfit. Running belts are also an excellent addition to a running kit, helping to keep keys, headphones, and cell phones safe, clean, and out of the way when you run. Soon, you’ll be more easily motivated to run and will feel much healthier.

Running for a cause is another great motivator. People who run in honor of other people or to raise money for a charity have even more motivation to finish well and meet their running goals. Serving this dual-purpose means getting fit and helping other people – two very worthy goals.

Nature Hiking

Hiking is a sustained exercise that often requires more time than a half-hour of running around the block. However, hiking through your local wondrous nature trails can be very rewarding.

Stunning scenery and fresh air are obvious perks. Hiking can also be a social event that can involve the whole family! Try catching up with friends over a hike, instead of at the café. Hike with your mates at a slower pace, so chatting will be easy without feeling out of breath. Going barefoot is also a great option that benefits both the immune system and general health. Hiking is so enjoyable; it won’t even feel like exercising!


For those with access to a pool, going for a swim is a great hobby that takes the pressure off your spine. Swimming is a great form of rehabilitation and relaxation for people with back problems.

Local pools may also contain other facilities such as saunas and spas. These spas are a great place to relax and unwind after a workout. Many pool centers also have slides and kids pools, meaning swimming can also be a family occasion. Bring the kids along now and again to get them involved and to learn about water safety!


Dancing has become an amazing craze of a hobby. Classes in ballroom dancing, ballet, hip-hop dance, and other classic dance styles have always been popular. More recently, dance classes such as Zumba have popped up. These classes focus on exercise and having fun rather than perfection in the actual dance. Throwback music, energetic instructors, and an open mind are ingredients for a good time! Try bringing a friend or two along – the more, the merrier.


Exercise doesn’t need to be anything special. Sometimes all it requires is getting outside. Growing fruit and vegetables requires setting up a sustainable food system. Gardening provides nutritious, organic fruits and vegetables, as well as motivation to clean up the backyard for summer. Build a DIY greenhouse, or go the eco-friendly route by reusing existing materials such as shipping containers and plastic bins to plant in. What’s more, you’ll get a healthy dose of vitamin D coupled with a good bit of exercise in your day.

Gardening is particularly accessible – catering to all types of budgets, lifestyles, and ages – and has the potential to blossom into a beloved hobby over many years. There’s nothing quite like admiring your carefully tended garden – and your family and friends will undoubtedly appreciate the gifts of surplus produce.

Maia Fletcher lives in the sun-kissed city of Gisborne, New Zealand. When she’s not busy writing articles for various blogs and sites such as Plumbing Plus, she’s usually out on a hike with her friends. Check out more of Maia’s work on her blog. Also Try online yoga classes with BulldogYoga

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