13 indigenous grandmothers gathering

The Revolutionary Grannies! July 26-29 2012, northern cheyenne reservation, lame deer, MT

The International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers along with the Native American Northern Cheyenne tribe of Lame Deer, Montana gathered on sacred land in body and spirit to create, shift and change the course of history.  For the first time ever, an event of this momentousness and magnitude was held on this US Indian Reservation. As the new paradigms were carved, the diverse gathering of people from around the world went joyously beyond enlightening and into the realm of the supernaturally transcendental, plus more.    

One of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, Margaret Behan/Grandmother Red Spider Woman is part Cheyenne/Arapaho and gracefully hosted the gathering on her ancestors land in Lame Deer, MT.  Her invitation explains: “The Grandmothers mission is for healing the world and ourselves. Please bring your highest potential of sacredness to this land. How you walk and what you say is very important. For the first time, we are bringing this council to the Native land. This is the first time my people as Native Americans will speak about our fractured place in the world.”  

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Truly, a most profound experience, the unique and unprecedented gathering for deep healing provoked an outpouring of complex and deep emotions. The intense energy release was palpable and extraordinary. With the soft, sweet and loving presence of the Grandmothers and a majority female group of supporters along with a circle of continous prayer, we witnessed a profound paradigm shift as people of all ages and backgrounds released long held anguish and suffering from generations of patriarchal violence, religion, oppression and domination. One of the brutal control tactics of patriarchy is abuse, sexual, physical, emotional and the humiliation, shame and secrecy that goes along with it. The wise medicine women of the Grandmothers Council were able to help the group purge the strangleholds of atrocities through ceremonial prayer and indigenous practices of chants, songs, dance, organic mother earth subtances and sweet feminine grandmother LOVE. 

As the focus of the gathering to release generational trauma was widely, deeply felt and penetrating, profound feelings of healing pervaded the land and her children. During the prayer circles and ceremonial practices, many people experienced pronounced shifts in consciousness and clearings on many levels. One resident Cheyenne grandmother collapsed in the circle as her neighbors surrounded her with loving energetic support and was embraced with hugs from friends, relatives and strangers alike. Sounds of deep, painful wails of purging release could be heard and felt throughout the services while the community rose to assist those in need.  

Water, hugs, prayers, umbrellas and compassionate, loving, supportive presences were abundantly passed around.   Expressions of incomprehensible depth and unity were seen, heard, felt.  Big indian chiefs broke down and cried, thanking everyone, with great gratitude, especially the honorary Grandmothers for the opportunity to form this sacred community gathering to release trauma, the past and old outdated belief systems and celebrate the new evolved energies coming in and to share indigenous living practices beneficial to Mother Earth and all of Her inhabitants.      

Hundreds arrived to the Cheyenne reservation from all over the US and world to support the work of the Grandmothers and to participate in the healing, letting-go, re-birthing and new consciousness building. A small group of Spanish women arrived, speaking very little English but understanding everything. Many poured in from Oregon, Washington, California, Montana and the East Coast. Lame Deer, MT is several hours from almost anywhere and most of the supporters travelled extremely long distances with several days worth of camping equipment, water and food to be there. The large open outdoor space provided for the gathering  was agreed upon by the Cheyenne Nation of Lame Deer, MT.

The Kenneth Beartusk Memorial Powwow grounds served as the circular ceremonial space where an attentive crowd respectfully watched in silence as folks approached the microphone with questions, comments, stories, gratitude and gifts for the Grandmothers.   Several hundred campers slept under the ‘Big Sky’ o’ Montana among the Cheyenne community peacefully and cooperatively. Sweat lodges were erected and led by the locals of the Lame Deer reservation.    One sweat lodge was facilitated for women by a Lakota female elder, her daughter and granddaughter.  Many arrived with multiple generations of family with them. Though the campers and participants were asked to bring their own food and water,  a generous feast was provided at least once a day by the kind donations and work of many volunteers. A local Montana man served free filtered water to all from the back of his truck.  Head chef and kitchen diva Ann came from New York at her own expense and provided delicious healthy food for hundreds in the hot summer heat.   Evidence of the reality that 80% of the worlds work is done by women, yet women own only 5% of the worlds resources, much of the gathering was only possible by the committed diligent work of the many volunteers.         

This 11th Council Gathering of the Grandmothers was produced by the Center of Sacred Studies of California, an organization dedicated to peace and unity through spiritual values, prayer & meditation, the evolution of consciousness and supporting the Grandmothers in setting a precedent of healing, and the mass re-discovery of ancestral ways of prayer for the next seven generations. The Grandmothers are chosen and revered for their community and tribal leadership, spiritual insights, wisdom and healing capabilities. The re-emergence of Feminine wisdom and healing practices by the collective of Grandmothers is in emergency need amid the severe destruction of Mother Earth by governments of divisive patriarchal control with values of war, domination and thievery of natural resources . As a response to the insanity, the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers have created a revolutionary movement to transcend these systems with diverse inclusive cross-cultural spiritual practices, natural healing methods, unification, cooperation, hope, inspiration, regeneration, interconnectedness, and building alliances of peace and love.   

This revolutionary group of elder medicine women are creating an essential movement that is urgent and vitally reawakening the wise voices of the Divine Feminine. The smart inclusion of the US Native American population for this historical, highly significant unprecedented gathering was a harbinger of a radical shift of paradigm and consciousness in bridging cultures and beings together in alliance for the sacred, Mother Earth,  multi-generational healing, clearing and a deeply needed union among all people. It was long overdue. May the sacred flames of transcendence continue.

In great big gratitude, a grand heartfelt THANK YOU to all the great spirits present in this most magical transformative gathering. It was Love. It was Unity Consciousness.   

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grandmotherscouncil.org – centerforsacredstudies.org – cheyennenation.com


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