There are so many yoga brands to choose your pants from, it can be overwhelming. But sometimes your eye catches and settles on a unique design. This happened to me in Slovenia, when my teacher wore a Pitaya legging. I forgot to ask her for the name of the brand. And then, a few months later I met one of the initiators behind the Pitaya brand in real life in Mexico! Some things are simply meant to be. So now I am the lucky owner of a long Urban Frida legging and short Blooming Jaguar pants. Besides the super cool design, the fabric is amazingly soft. So comfortable you don’t want to take them off!

The owners, Sara and Irina, met at a Partner Acrobatics Teacher Training in Spain in 2016. They both had just quit their job after working for several big companies. They felt the limitations of the corporate world and wanted to free their mind, to focus on other things besides a professional career. It was on a beach in Mexico that Sara asked Irina to send her some of her designs. In less than three weeks Sara had made a whole new line of yoga leggings. Before they knew it, Pitaya was born. 

I found out Pitaya is much more than just a yoga brand. It is an art project as well as a social project. Irina sketches the designs by hand. She loves to break free from all limitations that the well-known brands in print design had previously taught her. She is not afraid to mix funky colors and loves to surprise herself by new combinations. She finds inspiration through exploring new countries, adventures, known historical characters, nature, and art.

With their designs, Pitaya brings attention to several world topics and supports organizations that are doing good work in related fields. Think political, environmental and human right issues. The upcoming Mediterranean design is full of color and the ocean life prints will draw attention to the number of plastic bottles that are polluting the ocean. In addition to this, Pitaya also supports the non-profit organization ‘Proactive Open Arms’ which seeks to help refugees stranded in the Mediterranean. It’s just wonderful!

For the production process, they select small production houses in Spain and Mexico that serve labels looking to create in smaller quantities. As the sublimation and positioning of the designs are delicate processes, they maintain good relationships with their producers. The production process is sustainable through the use of eco-friendly fabrics and are 100% vegan. 

We already loved the colorful and unique designs of these pants, and then while wearing them we noticed that the fabric is thick enough so you can’t see through it. Not only are they great for yoga, but I also like to wear them in my daily life. The short is perfect during summertime or for traveling. Now that we know that the designs are pure art that go a long way to making the world a better place, I have to say: Pitaya, we are a fan!

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