Alchemy is a raw food café/restaurant/supermarket and education center located in Penestanan, Ubud. Created by a group of self-professed tree-hugging earth-lovers, Alchemy brings together collective ideas born from an inner passion and a love of raw food.

Alchemy Bali is the island’s first 100% raw, organic and vegan restaurant, and today it stands completely renovated.

From the first moment of walking through the open and welcoming entrance, the energy hits you – the warm and loving kindness that you feel when visiting an old friend or a place you love. In the air, there is a community spirit of love– and up-tempo pop! You get the feeling that his gorgeous place really has something different to offer.

The salad bar is where you will be spoiled for choice by an array of raw greens, fruits, cashew cheeses, and salad dressings. Specials are marked beautifully on a chalkboard display and change depending on popularity – the raw sushi rolls are a filling, crunchy and tasty main which will go well with your giant salad. Or why not try onion bread & kale chips with a serving of cashew cream cheese – absolute magic! All the servings prepared in the spotless and calm kitchen go through a short ‘singing bowl blessing’ to promote good vibrations and positive energy before they are lovingly served to you to enjoy.

Don’t miss out on the guilt-free desserts that are without a doubt some of the best Bali has to offer – the “cloud nine” raw cheesecake and peanut cupcakes are divine!

Shanti Allen is one of the three co-owners and educators at Alchemy. She started off life in Stockholm, Sweden where she worked as a reputable chef for many years. Her passion and love for raw food were ignited by a “lack of nutritional limitations in mainstream cooking.” Her interests in sustainability and health helped motivate the shift to preparing, studying, and teaching about plant-based diets. Shanti’s practical approach to education on plant-based food is simple, non-judgmental, and can be introduced to anyone. She uses a teaching philosophy she calls “crowding out,” which implies adding more raw food to your diet and not worrying too much about eliminating your unhealthier choices.  By simply adding more and more good quality foods to your everyday diet, the unhealthy choices will eventually get “crowded out”. As a mother, Shanti also uses this philosophy on her twin sons, raising them on a high raw food diet.

There are many natural, organic and raw products on sale from the community of brands in Bali along with international home brands you may have seen already. Specialized products that may take your fancy are also on sale, along with homegrown products such as Cocbiotic water and produce grown and selected from Alchemy’s farm.

Alchemy shines as bright as a light. Its vision is to honor mother nature and promote healthy, sustainable living while offering a space of inspiration for the community.

There seems to be a raw’volution in the air and Alchemy is definitely at the cutting-edge of creating fresh approaches to raw food

Bonus: Check out their live music events every Saturday from 6 to 9 pm.

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