7 reasons to watch the yoga summit

What’s The Yoga Summit? It’s a 21-day free online event starting February 2 that teaches you how to apply yoga to your daily life to be more healthy, happy, and peaceful — straight from the mouths of world-renowned yoga experts. There’s a three-part curriculum, but you can attend any and every part of it. 100K+ people around the world are already gearing themselves up for a transformative 21 days!

Not sure if The Yoga Summit is for you? Find out for yourself and see our 7 reasons to watch The Yoga Summit:

7. You think there may be more to yoga than standing on your head.

You know on a deep level that yoga transforms from the inside out. It can help you let go of negative habits that are preventing you from achieving what you want in life. Yoga retrains your mind to adopt new habits, adapt to stressful situations, and to remain steady and calm while navigating life’s challenges.

In yoga, there is a higher purpose. Radhanath Swami, a monk from the Krishna-Bhakti lineage and one of The Yoga Summit’s speakers says, “Our material life, as well as our spiritual life, is very much determined by how we utilize every moment for a higher purpose.” This is the real meaning of yoga.

6. You want better health.

Yoga means taking your health to the next level. It offers a more comprehensive approach to health beyond what simple diet and fitness can do. Yogic methods not only strengthen muscles and increase flexibility, but your digestion, immunity, and hormonal balance can also improve with yoga. In The Yoga Summit, you will specifically learn ways to deal with chronic pain, insomnia, and stress.

5. You often feel stressed out and need ways to cope.

A perfect time to practice yoga is when you are healing from one of the life’s challenges. When you feel depressed, anxious, or in pain, give yourself extra doses of inspiration to stay afloat. If this is you, make sure to watch The Yoga Summit start to finish, or buy the 21 days of sessions.  Dr. Richard Miller, a clinical psychologist, researcher, and one of The Yoga Summit’s speakers says that yoga is sometimes as powerful as a pill, and you can use yoga to deal with pain, trauma, and stress. Make sure to watch this interview to learn how.

4. You believe in a nonviolent society.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, world peace leader, and The Yoga Summit speaker says that the very foundation of yoga is ahimsa or nonviolence, so when more people practice, it affects the whole world. Even in trying times, he reminds us that a nonviolent society can swim against the current of time and be successful. With a positive vibration, you can stop misery from coming into your life and still live with a cheerful mind.

3.You are inspired by inspiring people.

We dare you to watch Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Seane Corn, Danielle LaPorte, and Elena Brower and try to go on with the same monotonous life. Inspiration is contagious — you’ll feel motivated and inspired with a new boost of energy to bring your light and your gifts to others.

Seane Corn, co-founder of Off the Mat, Into the World and The Yoga Summit speaker says, “When we practice yoga we stretch and we release tension, it connects us to our emotional body which leads us to our vulnerability. When we connect to our vulnerability we get out of our heads and we drop into our hearts and we’re no longer trying to ‘think’ it through but we feel it, it becomes intuitive, and that leads us to surrender. Surrender is really the pathway to grace.” When you let go of controlling every detail in your life and you act with intuition and divine guidance, you can really shine your light into the world.

2. You want a daily routine to bring more structure and ease into your life.

It takes discipline and willpower to start a new routine, so it’s best to build up your energy levels to do it. Not only will you learn tips and tricks from world yoga experts, but you’ll also have the opportunity to take the Fundamentals of Yoga Course online with Esther Ekhart and The Yoga Summit’s co-founder Nicole Vahlkamp to create a daily routine that works for you. Even if you are a working parent and you feel like there is no time left for your own personal practice, speaker and teacher Elena Brower shows the way, reminding us that, “If it’s there, you can handle it. Because it’s there, and you are handling it.”

1. You know that inner peace means world peace.

Seane Corn says, “Yoga helps to open our hearts to who we truly are, which is love.” Peace starts within each of us. In times of turmoil, it’s up to each of us to find our own inner peace. Use yoga to cultivate that state of calm and stillness, turn off the chatter in the mind, and experience the true relaxation you deserve.

Ready to join The Yoga Summit starting February 2?

Here’s how it works:

• You register with your e-mail to access The Yoga Summit for free at www.theyogasummit.org

• Every day of The Yoga Summit (starting February 2), a new video interview will be released by a world-renowned yoga leader

• Each video is free and available at The Yoga Summit website for 24 hours

• You watch, learn, and apply the yoga strategies to your life to improve your health, peace of mind, ability to deal with difficult situations, relationships…(you get the idea!)

• You share it with others! Whenever you see a video and think “Wow, my mother/brother/friend/wife/etc could really benefit from this,” pass it along! If you miss one, you can buy the whole thing. It’s a pretty awesome deal. See you there!

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