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Yoga Jewelry by Charmed Design 1012


Yoga Jewelry by Charmed Design 1012

The charmed design line came into being as something constructive and positive to do while Lori Cohn recovered from a sudden and life threatening illness.

Cohn woke to find herself in an intensive care unit with absolutely no knowledge of how she got there. She learned that she had become ill from an infection that was a side effect of a routine tooth extraction. She came very close to dying, had several life saving surgeries, and is blessed to be here today. 

Surviving such a near death experience is what made her feel and believe that she was indeed – CHARMED. Hence the name, Charmed Design 1012. Her jewelry reflects her experience and love for life. She shares this by exploring the fascinating world of symbols that have traditionally surrounded and directed humanity. Each piece is designed to be full of meaning and beautifully unique. 
Seminyak , Bali , Indonesia
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