annual world spa and wellness conference

World Spa & Wellness brings the health community together each year to exchange the latest and most exciting ideas in the wellness industry at its conferences in Dubai, Asia, and London.

We attended this year’s 2019 WSW Dubai Conference to spot trends, find out about new and exciting developments, meet others who are passionate about health and learn from each others’ work experiences. This took place over two days at the Festival Arena in the lap of luxury in Dubai.

There was an array of speakers and topics to inspire. Daniella Russell, founder of DR Global and Maria Haggo, founder of Little Miss Wellness, presented on what’s hot and in demand in the global wellness space and advised listeners on how to tap into the next trillion.

Kaveh Anooshiravani spoke on failure and why it is necessary to fail in order to succeed, drawing from his experience as an angel investor and founder of Kindness Capital Ventures VC, Koach K & The Hot Box Kit.

Relationship and communication coaches Sophie Parienti and JC Gabler enlightened our understanding of beauty from within and guided us on how we can utilize Transformative Communication to enhance relationships.

Other interesting topics included marketing, investing, corporate social responsibility and cancer care.

This bespoke education and networking event is a hub for sharing industry wisdom, learning from insightful speakers and exploring the newest and most innovative happenings in wellness.