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Chef Daphne Cheng knows a thing or two about vegetables and fine dining and she artfully crafts both of them into the ultimate feast for the senses at her vegetable-based supper club, Suite Three Oh Six, in New York City. Launched in a private loft, this contemporary space doubles as a public dining club with a state of the art industrial kitchen that easily feeds up to 25 guests each evening with a rotating seasonal menu that changes weekly.

The Rise of Haute Plant-Based Cuisine in NYC

Classically trained, Chef Cheng is considered to be one of the pioneers in the haute plant-based cuisine movement that has recently begun revolutionizing the trendy urban restaurant scene in New York City. “People are beginning to recognize vegetables’ true value on the plate.” Says Cheng. “No longer relegated as side dishes, vegetables are coming into their own and chefs including myself are highlighting all the many wonderful flavors and textures they have to offer.”

Chef Cheng’s Artistic and Innovative Culinary Creations

Her unique vision takes center stage as she brings her creative expressions to the plate. Designed to be centerpieces of the meal, well-known and not-so-well-known vegetables co-mingle with ease at every tasting. Chef Cheng uses her white plates as canvases for her artistic creations that include exotic tastings of Goma Dofu with Maple Consommé & Crisp Shiitake and Tomatillo Fusilli with Cashew Cheese & Baby Kale spiced up with a unique Hungarian Wax pepper.

In between courses, Chef Cheng introduces an Electric Szechuan Button Sorbet which is a floral flavored iced palette cleanse which leaves an intriguing spicy tingle at the back of the throat. The evening is topped off with Frozen Witch Finger Grapes, Peanut Brittle over Nectarine Ice Cream with a beautiful edible Nasturtium flower and a second desert of Whipped Crème Bruléé with Apple Blossom, Apricot seeds and Clementine. And who could resist a second course of desert?!

Coupled with a beautiful pairing of wine each evening, Chef Cheng’s vegan tasting is simply a work of art where each ingredient is respected and allowed to be the hero. Art is generally in the eye of the beholder, but at Suite Three Oh Six, it is seen throughout the complex compositions of flavor in every course.

Celebrity Endorsements and the Dining Experience at Suite Three Oh Six

It is no surprise that Chef Cheng has been catering dinner to the celebrity elite including Vera Wang, Alec Baldwin and Lea Michele. As Cheng says, “People are looking for a refreshing new experience in dining, especially food that is not only delicious but health supportive.” She goes on to say, “We aim to make it an elegant, yet inviting atmosphere that places the focus on the food. Guests enjoy the communal dining aspect and the glass walls showcasing the kitchen. When guests tell me they now see vegetables in a new light after experiencing a dinner here, it makes everything I do worthwhile.”

Invitation to Experience Suite Three Oh Six

Chef Cheng is changing the way people experience dining. If you want to get in on this new experience, check out Suite Three Oh Six and get on the guest list this evening. You will be glad you did.

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195 West 10th street. Suite 5B
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