People can mix and match, combining the amulet of their choice with the necklace that they most connect to. The examples shown above include:

  • Laxmi Amulet- Laxmi gold on Tara turquoise chocker

  • Lilith Amulet – Lilith silver on Rudrani chain – Pure silver and rudrani’s.
  • Medicine buddha on Rudrani choker – Medicine Buddha is hand made copper repoussé with fused 24k. gold. Also available in pure silver or Copper with fused 24K gold amulet. Approximately 1 3/4 inches long.

Some examples of combinations, in the Deity collection – copper with fused 24k gold Laxmi on Turquoise gold choker – necklace comes in 4 lengths, amulet comes in pure silver or copper as well, though there are literally hundreds to choose from. Malas, bracelets, rings, earrings, and even men’s jewelry fill the pages.

Not sure which of these handmade beauties is for you? Try taking their Chakra Test to find which amulet will best suit you.

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