i heart keenwah

By: Yogi Times

For a few years now quinoa has become the new staple food in every health conscious household. Considered a super food dating back to ancient times, it was known as the “mother of all grains.” Quinoa is a complete source of protein, containing all nine essential amino acids. 

I Heart Keenwah clusters are a practical way to get closer to your daily recommended intake (RDI) of protein. Bar-shaped and mixed with other natural ingredients – such as chocolate, sea salt, cranberries, cashews, almonds, ginger, and peanuts – it is delightfully crunchy and surprisingly tasty for a health bar. The roasting of the quinoa is what gives the product its crunch and brings out an unmistakably nutty flavor.

All natural, gluten-free, and ready-to-eat quinoa makes this bar a fun, must-have snack to help you to stay on the path of your healthy eating plan!

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