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Have you ever wanted to feel like an ancient king or queen from the Arabian Nights? Step foot into Prana Spa and allow yourself to be swept into a wellness dreamscape where the body-mind services are as spectacular as the Indian and Middle Eastern architecture. 

Amongst the largest and most outstanding spas in Bali, Prana Spa was designed by Australian owner and painter Jim Elliott, who expertly blended palatial complexity with Moroccan simplicity. The tented ceilings, hand painted canvases, and outrageously sculpted fine décor help your mind wander away from your day-to-day routine and into an exotic healing realm. The Taj Mahal room is an especial favorite.

Guests will find the lobby comfortable and welcoming, with tea and the latest magazines on hand. Inside, the spa offers two hot and cold plunges to stimulate your lymphatic system, indoor and outdoor showers, a comfortable powder room with lockers, and a café with delicious healthy cuisine. Most of the therapists have been with the Prana Spa for many years. Their grace and discrete presence create a soft ambiance of elegant and refined service, and their well-trained hands consistently deliver highly effective technique. 

Prana Spa is best known for its Ayurvedic treatments. Simple Bliss is a full body massage that uses specially blended aromatherapy oils combined with shirodara, a famous Ayurvedic method where vital marma points on the forehead and scalp receive a stream of medicated oils. This is a very meditative and relaxing experience.

Other treatments to consider upon your arrival to the island include: The Jet Lag Remedy, recommended for both post-arrival and pre-departure; Mum To Be, for the traveling mother-to-be; Exclusively Male, a firm massage that enhances blood circulation; and the Turkish Trio, which incorporates hot and cold plunges, a steam, exfoliation treatment, and a cleansing rain shower into one luxurious experience.  All treatments are equally exclusive and outstanding.

If you are ready to be seriously pampered, mark Prana Spa as a top destination. For an all-day experience, begin with a rejuvenating yoga class at the studio next door followed by blissful spa treatments and a healthy meal in the garden café. 

Whether you enjoy Prana Spa solo, as part of a special group event, or with a loved one, your visit to Prana Spa will be a memorable experience. This is one spa that definitely belongs on your Bali to-do list.

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