reuse-and-recycle ethos

Random thoughts peppered actively throughout your mind, unwelcome and disruptive.

Gradually, with each calming measure, they scatter and leave behind a euphoric sense of being (I must say there seems to be a certain satisfaction in “watching” them flee.) Evoking ancient yet refined civilizations, “Prana Shaman’s Dream” spirals melodically into your very core.

Subtle energy descends upon the listener, warm raindrops falling in the form of chi, elegant, refrained, yet powerful in it’s timelessness. This is the energy of Craig Kohland and Chuck Jonkey.

A beautifully textured infusion of natural instruments, natures own music, and progressive but appropriate synthesizers, this CD has an amazingly calming influence over the most stressed of souls. The innocence of childhood permeates the second track, “Honey in the Heart.” The creative layering of voices remind us of orange-flushed afternoons of youth and family. You notice a subtle smile of contentment and bliss flickering across your relaxed body, ripples of memory spreading throughout. Relaxation is total. “Offerings”, the fifth track on the seven track CD, settles in with a deep floating rhythm, easing you further into contemplative tranquility.

No practice studio, whether home or health club, should be without this wonderful addition. Brew your favorite tea, (or go crazy and make it an iced tea!) take a few moments and find yourself; relax and rejuvenate for the next wave of good deeds.

Reviewed by Tim Watson

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