peaceful warrior

Even a quarter of a century after the release of Dan Millman’s seminal novel, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, readers are continuously left awestruck by the protagonist’s epiphanies. This book generated international upheaval, contributing to people’s decision to embody a more conscious lifestyle, deeply influenced by spiritual values.  As a result, the original audience for the book has significantly augmented, creating a wider range of viewers.

Millman’s semi-fictional autobiographical memoir has been adapted into a film, tracking his journey inward.  Dan, played by Scott Mechlowicz, has a seemingly charmed life as an Olympic hopeful, lady’s man, and scholar.  On the inside, however, he has an overwhelming feeling of emptiness. A chance meeting with the enigmatic “Socrates” (Nick Nolte) shatters Dan’s vision of his perfectly shallow life. Dan is offered a completely new ideology to digest.  This new path opens him up to finding real love (Amy Smart). Ultimately, he discovers an unforeseen road to enlightenment and the truth about winning.

Nolte adds: “It’s been said for a thousand years that peace and love are on the inside. Answers are on the inside. Our culture teaches that you can’t be happy until you succeed. That’s ridiculous. There is no reason you can’t be at peace and happy now. Look within. You’re just here briefly. If you don’t get into the moment, you live your life in the future, the past, or the ‘I want’.”

This film brings us back to what we all know intuitively, but need to remember every now and then.  Peaceful Warrior reminds us that wisdom can be found in the most unexpected places.  This story has touched so many lives, affecting readers through its potent pages. Fortunately, the film provides an additional medium to reach many more people, transmitting the important message to them.

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