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Organic Avenue (OA) provides a very unique concept of exporting a healthier lifestyle to the busy NYC market with products that are organic, raw and vegan. As stressed and time-impoverished a micro-culture as we are, New Yorkers tend to require our meals à la prêt-à-porter. Everything is eaten on the go and unfortunately, despite our vast array of choice, we suffer from a lack of healthy options. Enter OA. OA has literally redefined the term “convenience foods” and has created their Upper West Side boutique to shine as the mecca of a “healthy grab ‘n go” concept store for everything from juices/smoothies to meals to deserts/snacks to healthy beauty products.

From the moment you walk in the door, you are rubbing elbows with every yoga-mat-clad person in NYC. OA attracts conscious, healthy and happy beings who strive to feel good inside and out and they know just where to go to find products that bring them there! Who could resist stopping by for OA’s own Portobello Reuben Wrap and The Squeeze Juice’s Vegan Mac and Cheese? And for desert, a slice of Williamsburg’s own Rockin’ Raw Lemon Meringue Pie or Hail Merry’s Persian Lime Tart could very easily change your life. Hard to pick deserts when Dr. Cow’s Biscotti is sitting on the shelf with a succulent dip of Rawbundant Cream Cheese waiting to be heaped on top… or maybe topped with the Organic Nectars Cashew Ice Cream?!  Oh, the choices! Regardless, the Biscotti need to be washed down with The Squeeze Juice’s Chocolate Banana Coconut Milk for sure.

On to supplements… your eco-friendly beauty bar is stocked with alkalizing water drops and salts here as well as Boodha Butter – best lotion for summer skin needs. Coupled with the Hurraw Coconut Lip Balm, you are all set with deliciously succulent lips for summer kissing!

Last, but not least pick up a few “pick-me-up elixirs” – maybe a shot of Chlorophyll or E3 live (blue green algae), or if you really want to empty your intestines, grab the Aloe shot! Maybe after all this eating, that would be a good idea!

Organic Avenue is by far one of the coolest micro-concept shops to come across in New York City. They are devoted to educating customers on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, one that is supremely conscious, sustainable, pleasurable, chic and über fun to explore. They bring in new products every week and offer trials at their tasting bar.

If you are looking to expand your horizons and join an exciting movement towards consciousness, stop by Organic Avenue. You can join countless others who are on the bandwagon of respecting all of humanity, animals and the environment.

Price Range: Juices/Smoothies range from $10.00 – $15.00; To Go Meals range from $3.95 – $14.00.

Best For: People seeking new ideas for living a healthy lifestyle and living “outside the box!”

What is the Best Thing about this place: The Chai Smoothie – don’t walk run!

195 West 10th street. Suite 5B
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