organic market alfazema

Lisbon is becoming a trendsetter for those who look for a healthier and more conscious lifestyle. Natural stores and organic markets are blooming. The most recent one opened at the end of 2014, in one of the oldest areas in Lisbon. By the river, in Alcântara, you can find, hidden by the tall buildings, the organic market Alfazema.

Once you enter, Alfazema takes you into a different world: a world closer to Mother Earth. The scent in the air is unmistakable: infused with fennel, ginger and, of course, lavender, which is alfazema in Portuguese.

While you wander through the product-filled shelves, you begin to understand why the store’s motto, which you see right as you enter, is “directly from the producer to the consumer.” Here, you’ll find pre-cooked food and ingredients to make your own food, all from Portuguese farms where agriculture is entirely biologic, free of chemicals and pesticides. The colour of the fruits and vegetables shows their freshness and it’s almost like, just by looking at the different lettuce, the oranges and the strawberries, you can see the love with which they were reaped. This assures they get to your table tasty and nutritious.

The store is broad and allows patrons to buy items that are on the grocery list including: home cleaning, hygiene products as well as vegetables and cheese. Everything is in plain sight and well identified.

Alfazema has something for every wallet. And for those that have some kind of intolerance or food allergy, the hustle of finding harmless products is facilitated: these products are tagged.

You have babies at home? There is a section with handmade clothing for the little ones featuring soft, delicate materials that guarantee they won’t harm sensitive skin.

Alfazema also has a small restaurant that serves meals Monday through Friday, always with a different menu. The options are adequate for vegan or lactose intolerant visitors.

Saturday is workshop day, where you can learn to cook healthy with biologic organic products, so that you can have at home what Earth, in its purest and more natural way, gives.


Alfazema is open Monday through Saturday, from 9am to 8pm.

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