the food temple

Either you know how to get there or you find it by chance. The Food Temple hides itself in the historical neighbourhood named Mouraria, one of the most charming areas of the capital of the light – Lisbon. And we definitely promise: the Food Temple will be an experience not to forget.

Everyone is welcomed with a big smile. The open kitchen already sends the signal of a new age, bohemian kind of style. The food choice is perfect for a yogic experience in one of the countries in Europe with best fresh and organic vegetables. The Vegan menu changes every day but words as green, seasonal, from the garden and aromatic are part of the experience.

At first sight, a small menu of soup, tapas, main course and desert may seem somehow limitative. But the real experience — that causes your taste buds to burst — is to try a bit of everything. The idea is to share a meal, which is  actually recommendable as all dishes are well served.

In the temple you can go from the fresh taste of ginger and the heat of the soup, the strong flavour of the red rice with pepper clashing with the soft texture of tofu, the quinoa mix with roasted eggplant. This delicacies will make you discover the Mediterranean feelings of real food.

More than a restaurant, this is a starting point for your trip: you will find yourself sharing your experiences, tastes and smells with people from all over the world looking for the same healthy and enjoyable life-style.

Served with typical Portuguese pottery, the restaurant is colourful and has a very pleasant ambience, that will introduce you to the Portuguese food and living.

This is place where everything is made calmly, with a soft voice, lightened by candles. The owner, Alice Ming, want you to appreciate every meal and thrive with all the dishes. That is why its called The Food Temple.

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