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By: Mirko Betz
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Recently renovated and newly furnished, Lemonade in Venice is a great place to grab a quick and healthy bite if you happen to be on the artsy Abbot Kinney street on the Westside of Los Angeles.

A cafeteria deli style atmosphere with an interior design that says industrial meets yellow, Lemonade is great for families with kids and anyone who wants a quick lunch. Steer clear of going to Lemonade Venice for romantic diners or a business meeting as the acoustics makes it noisy during the lunch and dinner rush.

A healthy, colorful medley of vegetable and salad dishes are ready to be devoured by window-shopping guests who pick only the most tempting ones””you can even taste-test them before deciding!

They are becoming known for their delectable salads: Watermelon Radish, Tomato Avocado, Kale Mushroom, Quinoa Pumpkin with Truffle Oil””all fantastic! In the drink department, try the Cucumber Mint or Watermelon lemonade, delicious and refreshing (ask for the sugar free version.)

The Lemonade Venice location is a favorite: the staff is kind, they care about the food they are serving, and are very passionate about providing exceptional “beyond the call of duty” service. If Venice is not your part of town, Lemonade has four other locations: Downtown LA, Brentwood, at USC and in Beverly Hills.

Oh, and what about desserts?

They have an abundance of cookies and cupcakes that, to some, may spoil the healthy raw lunch they just enjoyed, or may just be the icing on the cake!

Check out the menu of Lemonade Venice

Or try Lemonade Venice for their catering menu.

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