kale eatery | closed as of august 2014

closed as of august 2014 after 21 years in business

If you want to eat healthy and fast in Toronto, Kale is the place to go! It is so rare to find a restaurant where you can pop in and enjoy a selection of already made delicious home cooked vegan food.

Kale was created in 1993 to serve Toronto’s growing vegan and macrobiotic needs. With food that is prepared fresh daily you will walk in to find nutritious whole food that is ready to eat! Kale uses organic and locally grown produce whenever possible and sources the rest from California.   

Kale is a family operated business that opened in 1993 under the name Sunny Café, inside Noah’s Natural Health Foods store. It was Toronto’s first all vegan, organic, macrobiotic eatery. Kale has two locations the first is called Sunny Café- inside Noah’s Natural Health Foods store on Bloor. The second, Kale restaurant is on Yonge Street near Eglington.

The menu does change daily and the selection is always delicious and can include vegan gluten free lasagna, bean salads, rice noodle salads, basmati rice and mixed vegetables curry, and kale salad with beets, sweet potato with quinoa, shepherd’s pie, baked spinach and tofu pie and of course steamed kale!

You will always find food that is made fresh, never cooked in a microwave or deep fryer. All the dishes are vegetarian and steamed, baked or raw. The food bar is self-serve and sold by weight, depending on how hungry you are it can cost between, $10-$20 a meal.

The muffins are out of this world, you can just taste the wholesome lovin’ in every bite! If you sensitive to gluten you will find many options, most of the dishes are gluten free. It is simply delicious and nutritious. Kale makes it easy for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle; after you are finished dining at Kale your body will thank you!

kale offers pressed green juices for detoxification, fruit juices, kombucha, tea lattes with almond milk, and a mix of delicious smoothies. You can always add vegan protein powder to your drinks t make them more potent!

Kale on Yonge is a great place to go relax and find a seat by the window and people watch! If you are looking for a restaurant that fits your fast paced yogic lifestyle. Kale is a staple and a must go!

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