is there anything left for me to eat?

In a world where a new study seems to come out every week announcing yet another group of “bad” foods, the title of Benita von Klingspor’s book is quite a propos.  However, the information she puts forth – that food combining results in a properly balanced pH level, which results in better health – isn’t anything new.

Back in 1985, Harvey and Marilyn Diamond’s Fit For Life introduced millions of people to the idea of proper food combining (ie. fruit on an empty stomach, no starches with proteins). Von Klingspor advocates the same thing, but as a vegetarian for over 76 years, she stresses fruits and vegetables.

After a brief and simplistic discussion of pH levels and the differences between acid and alkaline forming-food, she then goes on to explain food combining and the rules for better digestion (such as “Chew, chew, chew!”) as well as tips for a properly stocked pantry (flax seed crackers: good, cookies: bad!). 

She then provides numerous vegetarian recipes ranging from Cool Cucumber-Yogurt Soup, to Avocado Plus Sandwich to Home-Made Granola. All of the recipes are obscenely simple (which work well for the culinary-challenged) but the drawback is that they’re also a bit bland as well. For the more dedicated, there’s also a instructions for a highly alkaline Cleansing and Rejuvenating Fast, as well as a sample seven day menu to follow.   

Like many self-published books, Is There Anything Left For Me To Eat? is bare-bones and simply laid out. While those who are somewhat savvy about nutrition might find it too simplistic, it’s a great introduction to the idea of food combining and the newly converted to healthy food.

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