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Indaba is one of the key players in the world of London’s yoga studios. Ellen Walsh Moorman is the mind, driving force and yogini behind this space, which has rapidly grown into an established, respected and welcoming studio. Not only does Indaba mean ‘gathering’, it is possibly the place where you will see the most smiles and giggles in town. The ‘front of house’ team is always pleasant, friendly and knowledgeable (they know their stuff!), the two main studios are simply gorgeous (warm, bright, spacious and well equipped) and they gather some of the best teachers in town. Indaba seems to have found a niche in exploring lesser known styles of yoga -in London anyway- as well as offering excellent teachers with more ‘traditional’ approaches and methods. The Iyengar teaching crew is strong and ready to crack the alignment whip – with a bit of a giggle no less. The Dharma Mittra yogis will set you off flying on your arms, forearms and toes. The Jivamukti gang will bring that devotional spark to your practice and challenge some of your expectations. The power yogis may just set your prana on fire, and the dedicated Ashtangis will teach the authentic method, purely and simply.

Indaba also offers classes in Yin yoga, Acro yoga, for pregancy and kids, and always seem open to explore possibilities.

Although the variety could feel slightly distracting to some, the choice of classes on offer simply reflects the need for variety in a place like London. Different paths, different trends, different methods, but all are connected by that innate dedication to the practice. Indaba never ceases to get excited by new styles, approaches and teachers.

Meghan Currie was a recent guest teacher and so was Duncan Wong. Playfulness aside, the therapy rooms provide excellent treatments (and therapists) for sore bodies, aching limbs or injured souls – or simply for those needing a spot of rejuvenation.

Indaba’s small shop stocks staple yoga wear from Lululemon, Satya clothing, as well as colourful Jade yoga mats and a selection of yoga books. And if you feel peckish after class, fuel up with Luna’s raw cakes, healthy snacks or coconut water. They certainly would not let any starving yogis out in London!

And for the scooter or car drivers, there is some parking space nearby – free on weekends, and conveniently not in the congestion charge zone!

Watch this space… Indaba is still growing….

On offer these days at the studio: beginners’ courses, yoga for pregnancy and childbirth, Dharma Mittra master class (with the one and only Mark Kan), Yin yoga workshop with Norman Blair and some exciting visiting guests.

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