gypsy kitchen & bar

The opening of GYPSY, an intimate restaurant/café in Batu Bolong area, took place in a candid yet professional mood. The dining room is placed in an open space that provides a convivial atmosphere with its vintage lamps and sleek decor. The beautiful patio adds a gypset tone and is the perfect place to enjoy Bali’s weather while sipping on a refreshing smoothie.  

This love story started when Kevin and his Canadian friends on a vacation fell for Bali’s beautiful scenery and joyful energy. From this love of the island, GYPSY was born and is lead by a group of friends from Montreal that are passionate about food in all its dimensions. The team together has decades of experience in the industry.

The chef, Robin, has a background specialized in Portuguese cuisine and it definitely shows in his ability to mix spices and play with flavours. With a menu mostly gluten-free presenting creative meals and a panel of tasty vegetarian choices (the beetroot salad is absolutely worth the detour!), their motto “ farm to table” brings them to serve us only local, fresh and delicious ingredients. Robin goes to the market every morning, choosing only the best of the bests and varies his daily specials according to his finds. Their homemade sauces, juices, granolas and ricotta shows a great mastering of local products.

Its bartender in chief, Chanel, charming as ever, creates original and surprising cocktails that will delight your tastebuds. An extra shoutout to Bongky, barman extraordinaire and Decky, the coffee magician. Gypsy’s creations are honest, sought-after and, most importantly, made with love. And that’s what is reflected in the restaurant’s spirit.

GIPSY is a place where it is as appreciable to have a business lunch than have dinner with friends. As what the owner, Kevin adds “I don’t want my guests to simply have a quick meal. I want them to have an amazing experience.” The warm and friendly staff offers a service that pays tribute to the owner’s origins. You simply feel at home while having, may I say, the best coffee I’ve had so far in Canggu. Situated close to the beach, the restaurant is a great spot to have a brunch, lunch, dinner or drinks before or after taking a dip! An all-day concept to fulfil your every need.

So if you feel like eating and being treated like a gypsy king/queen, GYPSY is the place to be. Everyone is the welcome, even your dog!

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