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Floating is the most amazing sensation you can imagine, it is a feeling of complete weightlessness that allows you to let go and relax on deep levels. Float Toronto is one of the largest Float centers on the east coast and it located right off Queen Street West in Toronto! Float Toronto was founded by two young guys who were motivated to create this center from their belief that floating provides many physical and mental benefits for the body including lowering cortisol levels (the stress hormone). The founders of Float Toronto’s master plan is to make floating accessible; to give everyone the chance to float, and they do this by offering  some of the lowest rates in the industry. Floatation therapy is also known as floating, floatation or sensory deprivation and it consist of lying in salt filled water inside of a spacious tank.  Once you enter into the tank you enter into a while new world- a world of sensory deprivation where you see nothing but pitch black and hear nothing accept peaceful silence. Your ears (with earplugs in) stay just below the water; and inside the tank you’ll float 10 inches of water and 900 lbs. of dissolved Epsom salts. It is this solution that allows you to float effortlessly- as if you were in the Dead Sea. Plus, the Epsom salts in the tank, have a powerful healing effects and  help to draw out toxins and lactic acid build-up, helping the body to recover and heal faster. The water is kept at skin temperature which allows you to stay comfortable as you completely let go. It is as if the outside world no longer exists when you are in the tank. When you are no longer fighting gravity or dealing with all kinds of external outside stimulus, your body steps into the parasympathetic nervous system allowing you to rest, heal and rejuvenate. Science has found numerous benefits from floating including: pain management, as it eases pain in the neck and back as well as from conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.  Floating helps to increase blood circulation and immune function and improves creativity. Floating increases the function of the right side of the brain, this is the center for creativity, problem solving, music, art, pleasure and emotion. The staff at Float Toronto is super helpful and will answer all of your questions and set you up to have the best experience possible.You can also check out all the FAQ’s on their website. Floating is the ultimate stress reduction. Have you ever been weightless? You will see why they call in Floating when you leave, many people feel euphoric, like they are walking on a cloud, after floatation therapy. As Yogi’s we know the benefits of deep relaxation, but floating really takes it to the next level! Read next >> Megan Marie Gates Yoga Teacher Toronto Canada

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