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By: Hillary Faye
Hillary Faye is an international Kundalini and Hatha Yoga Instructor, Meditation Guide and Reiki Master Teacher. Hillary is the creator of the Awaken Love workshop and the 200 hour Awaken Love Hatha ...
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Megan Marie Gates is one of Toronto’s most magical yoga teachers. Her free, light-filled, playful spirit is felt in all of her classes. Megan Marie’s yoga offerings are a vibrant blend of movement mixed with music, playful curiosity, and powerful philosophy. Megan Marie is also a performing artist and reiki practitioner, which helps her to infuse her playful, light spirit into her yoga teaching. One of Megan Marie’s biggest passions is connecting to community and creativity; she facilitates various workshops including Creative Flow Yoga that fuse these passions together. Her workshop offerings combine practices that include: visualization meditations, free-form movement, writing and art creation, sacred music and anything else that helps to playfully connect the vibrations of creativity and spirituality. Her classes are a fresh reminder that helps you to remember how miraculous a day to day life can be. Her classes are truly designed to reconnect you to creativity and spirit. She aims to open gateways for her students to find fascination within their unique brilliance and creative power. Megan Marie is a graduate of Octopus Garden Yoga Centre’s 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program and has successfully completed a 30 hour Restorative Training with Hali Schwartz. Megan Marie is also a graduate from The Canadian College of Performing Arts in Victoria, BC. Megan offers private Rieki healing sessions and if you are looking for more one on one attention to enhance your yoga practice she offers semi-private + private classes. She personally tailors her private sessions to you can they include a full range of practices such as: pranayama (breath techniques), mantra + chanting, asana (postures), meditation (seated or movement based), visualization techniques and restorative postures. Some of her other offerings include: Journey into the Abyss a sacred sound concert with Darren Austin Hall, Women’s Circle- a by-weekly gathering of sisterhood, and Earth Prayer an evening of yoga, prayer and deep meditation. Megan Marie is  a co-owner and co-founder Yoga Village- a yoga sanctuary and dynamic healing arts space in the West End of Toronto. Megan Marie offers classes in Toronto from Roncesvalles to Yonge Street and regular classes at:  Yoga Village and Y Yoga off Queen Street West. Her classes really empower you to rediscover your body and move to your own rhythm – allowing you to experience freedom in motion and release restrictions, while safely guided you on a journey of rediscovering the self. Read next >> float Toronto

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