Cocobiotic – probiotic young coconut water that is home brewed by fermenting the water from organic, wild, young coconuts. Through this process, bubbles are born giving the juices a natural fizz. Cocobiotic has a remarkable range of health benefits. It can help restore your inner ecosystem, helps stop sugar cravings, improves digestion, increases energy levels, and cleanses the liver, to name a few. 

To start a new batch, pour 200ml of mature drink into a [preferably glass] bottle. Fill with coconut water. Loosely tighten cap or cork. It takes from 12-24 hours in a humid climate, a bit longer when the climate is drier– you know it’s ready when it’s fizzy. It can taste sulfurous too – this is a good thing. So buy a bottle from Body Ecology, Alchemy, or Earth Café (all in Bali, Indonesia) as your starter, or find probiotics and make you own first batch if you live in a different location.

Cocobiotic contains minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and electrolytes, and defends the body against viruses, bad bacteria, and parasites, by promoting intestinal microflora. Studies have shown that children who get probiotics in their diet from an early age are less likely to suffer from allergies later in life. 

Find out more on cocobiotic at Alchemy, Body Ecology, Down to Earth.

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