yoga nidra for kids of all ages

The lighthearted visualizations on this delightful CD, Yoga Nidra for Kids of All Ages, are likely to captivate any child’s attention (and if you happen to be listening to the tracks along with your child, don’t be surprised if you enjoy it, too!).  Although the album is intended to help children ages 4 to 12 relax and prepare for sleep, the quality of instruction and the calming tones will appeal to anyone in need of a little unwinding, especially the young at heart. This audio recording seamlessly weaves together the stress-reducing techniques of yoga nidra, which is a practice that involves moving detailed attention throughout the body in order to increase awareness, develop inner calm, and strengthen one’s capacity to cope with everyday stress. Yoga Nidra for Kids of All Ages includes four practices ranging from roughly 9 to 22 minutes. Narrated in the soothing voice of yoga-for-kids teacher Emily Gretz, the three meditative stories (which combine yoga nidra techniques and guided imagery) are designed to be practiced lying down in a quiet, comfortable, and warm place. Gretz’s stories guide listeners through creative imagery designed to help the body release tension, such as settling into warm sand on a beach.  A bonus track, narrated by yoga teacher Steve Wolf, who has recorded two previous yoga nidra CDs, is an updated version of yoga nidra’s classic 61 Points exercise and can be practiced sitting in a chair or lying down. Wherever the inspired journeys may lead, Gretz and Wolf systematically coax the listener to deeper levels of relaxation in body and mind. CD by Emily Gretz and Steve Wolf, Awase Publishing Read next >> fun and mindful yoga games for kids

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