breast cancer answers

According to the American Cancer Society, every two minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. In 1999, Judy King was one of those women. During her battle, she read books and articles and went to support groups and conferences. These experiences open her eyes and ears to patients like her asking the same questions of each other and their doctors. How do you relieve side effects of chemotherapy, such as abdominal cramping? What kind of pain is to be expected after having a mastectomy? How do I deal with my insurance company? Where can I go when I fee like no one understands what I’m going through? Breast Cancer Answers: Practical Tips and Personal Advice From a Survivor is the book King wished she would have had while going through her treatment. It compiles the wisdom and solutions of hundreds of breast cancer survivors and presents it in an easy reference guide with each chapter devoted to a particular aspect of living with the disease. There’s even a chapter entitled “Looking Good” that gives tips from drawing in eyebrows to how to tie a head-scarf for patients enduring chemotherapy. “Information is a powerful sedative; patients in the middle of treatment do not have the energy to search for answers. That’s why I’ve addressed as many concerns as possible in one book,” says King. “Not only is this a resource for a person living through breast cancer, but it’s also a guide for friends and family to understand what their loved one is experiencing.” – $16.99 Read next >> fighting cancer 20 different ways