fighting cancer 20 different ways

Dr. Contreras, an oncologist and Director of the Oasis of Hope Hospital, an alternative cancer treatment center in Tijuana, has been dealing with cancer patients for 22 years. In this book, Contreras and Daniel Kennedy – a psychosocial oncological counselor at the hospital – offer readers twenty specific suggestions to lower the risk of getting cancer, or improving chances of surviving it.

While they don’t eschew traditional cancer treatments, Contreras and Kennedy believe that faith, diet and environment are key factors is prevention and healing. Addressing such issues as: how to lower your cancer mortality rate by 60% with diet and lifestyle changes; when chemotherapy is effective and when it isn’t; and the best “cancer foods,” the book is full of a great deal of good information.

However, the book veers down a very different path in the second half, and will most likely prove disconcerting for many readers. The authors are strongly steeped in Christianity, and such action steps as: “Ask Jesus to come into your life as Lord and Savior,” and “Ask God to forgive your sins” may not appeal to certain readers – nor will a chapter entitled “The Sin-Disease Connection.” While much has been written about how a belief in a power greater than oneself has been helpful to people in getting through a health crisis (or in fact healing them), Fighting Cancer 20 Ways will leave many readers feeling as if they’ve just attended a revival meeting.