a calendar of festivals

There’s nothing more exciting for children than the thought of going on a grand adventure! Within the pages of A Calendar Of Festivals, children are invited to celebrate the festivals of the world and explore the wonder and rich cultural traditions of people spanning the four corners of the earth.

This bright and colorful book introduces the origins of holidays and celebrations from many different cultures, illustrating the joy that all people feel and our different ways of expressing it. Great for the holiday season, this book is a wonderful way to open children’s minds, hearts and doors to those who might seem different on the outside, but are just like us on the inside. 

In this celebration of festivals from around the world you will find Purim, the story of Esther, Holi, How Krishna Stole the Butter, Vesak, the life of Buddha, Tanabata, The Oxherd and the Weaving Maiden, Halloween, The Halloween Changeling, Christmas, the story of the birth of Jesus, Kwanzaa, The Warau People Come Down to Earth, New Year and Father Frost. For each festival the author summarizes the story of the holiday and then the stories surrounding them to shed light on the rich and mysterious traditions of far away peoples. Some of the festivals will be familiar, while others will be new and strange.

Yet, discovering or rediscovering their origins will undoubtedly be broadening and interesting to children. The classic and colorful illustrations as well as a simple and elegant layout make this book a joy to read. 

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