bliss of kirtan

By: Natesh and Friends
Edited date: October 26, 2022Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

With the soaring popularity of the yoga and meditation music genres, including kirtan, call and response singing and devotional chanting, we are blessed to have such an expansive plethora of choices now in this incredibly beautiful and experimental, glorious world of sound therapy.

Natesh’s first CD release “Bliss of Kirtan” proudly reflects great effort, heart, mind and joy.    Natesh and the Kirtan Wallahs have been hosting LIVE local kirtan bhakti gatherings in Sedona, AZ for many years and this is a much anticipated first studio recording. “The Bliss of Kirtan” features a stellar collection of sweet voices and musicians, some of the finest in the kirtan multiverse. The beloved Prajna Vieira, devotional music super shining star, graces listeners with the beautifully ancient Hare Krishna classic and  Asatoma Sadgamaya. Also, the purely awesome Yvette Om shares the beauty on the He Ma Durga, Ganesha Medley chants while Monnie Ramsell harmonizes with the esraj and response vocals throughout.         

Additionally, the highly regarded and loved in yoga studios across the world, producer and musician Ben Leinbach is also part of the delightful ensemble on ‘Bliss of Kirtan.’

The collection has received comments such as “a lovely and profound offering” and “a realm of enchanted bliss.”     


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