bizzie gold's buti fitness expands worldwide

Bizzie Gold created Buti Fitness by accident. One day she was teaching her yoga class. Her students were in garland pose. Bizzie started shaking her butt because the song was so good. She looked around and everybody else was, too. That was the beginning of adding tribal dance and plyometrics into her class format.

Bizzie’s system formed organically. “I didn’t sit down with pen and paper to develop a workout,” she said from her booth at the 2013 IDEA Fitness World Convention.

At the time, Bizzie lived in Hawaii. Her students insisted she take her workout program to the mainland. She resettled in Los Angeles, and Buti quickly took off.

“Buti means the cure to something hidden or kept secret,” said Bizzie. “Highly medicinal herbs are considered buti.”

Bizzie originally came from a competitive athletetic tradition she described as masculine. But she suffered injuries and body image problems. She decided to develop Buti for women. “We don’t really like to have men in class. It disrupts the female tribe environment,” she said.

In addition to her ordinary students, Bizzie cultivates a celebrity clientele. She trained Julia Roberts when she first moved to L.A., and expanded to include enough celebrities to open up an exclusive studio in Santa Monica. Her celebrity clients enjoy Bizzie’s health concierge service, including arranging meal plans and hiring chefs.

Buti’s intensity reaps results. Before she developed her program, Bizzie loved yoga but was hitting points of burnout. Plus she had gained 55 pounds after giving birth. Yoga alone wasn’t enough to get her figure back. “For me, the best thing about Buti is it is enough. It feels like a yoga practice, but you end up drenched in sweat.”

Women lose weight quickly in her classes, she said, because she combines the physical practice with the emotional, transforming them from the inside out. She especially helps them tune in to their lower chakras, which house much of their power, she said.

Buti now boasts 427 instructors in 20 states. Asia, Latin America and Europe are now hosting trainings.

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