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Teresa Bergen writes about health, fitness, travel and yoga. She is based in Portland Oregon.

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teaching people, not poses

Articles, TEACHERS

an interview with yoga teacher jay fields

Teaching people, not poses Jay Fields started teaching yoga when she was a teenager. Now,...
flying high above the ozarks with branson zipline canopy tours


flying high above the ozarks with branson zipline canopy tours

There’s something a little nerve-wracking about stepping off a high platform and out into the...
going on a crane safari

Articles, TRAVEL

going on a crane safari

Cranes wake up during what some yogis call “the ambrosial hours” that precede dawn. While...
Purrington's Cat Lounge

PORTLAND, reviews

purrington's cat lounge

Portland recently joined other free-thinking cities by opening its first cat lounge. At Purrington’s, you...
First Thursday Street Gallery

PORTLAND, reviews

first thursday street gallery

From April to October, the First Thursday Street Gallery takes over a few blocks of...
Bulk Heaven at Bob’s Red Mill


bulk heaven at bob’s red mill

Grain connoisseurs find one of the world’s best selections of grains at the Bob’s Red...
Crafty Wonderland

PORTLAND, reviews

crafty wonderland

Crafty Wonderland started out as a much-anticipated twice-annual craft fair, but Portland art-preneurs Torie Nguyen...
Julie Lawrence

reviews, PORTLAND

julie lawrence

There’s something about Iyengar teachers that commands respect. Their extensive training and thorough understanding of...
Jennifer Siegel

PORTLAND, reviews

jennifer siegel

When you’re ready to slow down and take care of yourself with some restorative or...
yoga bhoga

PORTLAND, reviews

yoga bhoga

Yoga Bhoga has evolved over its dozen or so years in Portland. Now in its...
The Bhaktishop

PORTLAND, reviews

the bhaktishop

This vinyasa studio in southeast Portland lives up to its name. The teachers are all...
shakti house


shakti house

When you walk into the studio at Shakti House, the first thing you’ll notice are...
Wolf and Bear's

PORTLAND, reviews

wolf and bear's

The best falafel sandwich in Portland comes from a food cart. Well, three food carts,...
Blossoming Lotus

PORTLAND, reviews

blossoming lotus

Blossoming Lotus combines all the elements the average yogi could want in a restaurant: fresh top-quality...
Bollywood Theater

PORTLAND, reviews

bollywood theater

Portland loved the first Bollywood Theater restaurant on North East Alberta Street so much that...
Harlow in S.E. Portland

PORTLAND, reviews

harlow in s.e. portland

Harlow opened in the summer of 2013 to enthusiastic Portland crowds. Karen Pride and Brittney...