4-course vegan dining experience

“Which buzzer is it? Did you ring the bell? Oh, hold on… now we have to insert the private code. OK, now we are in. Private code…? Seriously?”

As we all know, accessing top-notch New York City restaurants can be quite the endeavor, but we’re not just talking about elite, celebrity-chef-owned eateries like Babbo anymore.

A fresh wave of haute cuisine is making its mark across the city through private loft dining experiences featuring both emerging and established chefs.

About 4-Course Vegan

Nestled in the trendy enclave of Williamsburg, or as some might call it, “Hipster-land,” 4-Course Vegan stands out as a weekly private dining affair masterminded by Chef Matteo.

A graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute, Chef Matteo is dedicated to “bridging communities through organic, gourmet vegan fare,” aiming to foster greater mindfulness and compassion among diners.

The Dining Experience

Upon entering the venue, guests navigate a labyrinth of commercial stairways and hallways, passing through a public courtyard before arriving at a welcoming, open loft.

This space transforms into a cozy 40-50 seat dining area, complete with a simple home-style kitchen adorned with fresh herbs and boxes of food supplies. Here, diners are treated to a truly distinct culinary journey.

The meal commences with sophisticated yet approachable dishes such as watermelon radish ravioli filled with nut cream and a flavorful Moroccan Lentil Soup enriched with coriander and amaranth.

The Main Course and Dessert

As the evening progresses, a salad featuring fresh Fava Beans and Sun-dried Tomatoes sets the stage for the main course—a delectably spicy and tangy Shitake Kofta with Tzatziki served atop a Quinoa Pilaf.

Chef Matteo’s skillful blend of spices, flavors, and textures draws even the staunchest meat-lovers.

The meal concludes on a sweet note with an Apple Maple Cake accompanied by a fresh vanilla/apple compote, making the farewell all the more poignant.


For those seeking a new and somewhat unconventional dining adventure, 4-Course Vegan is a must-try.

Chef Matteo’s innovative approach may very well alter perceptions of life and fine dining, providing a transformative experience for all who step through his door.

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