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yoga tunes

yoga tunes

Published: 28-08-2011 - Last Edited: 19-08-2021

yoga tunes

yoga tunes activate!

yoga tunes into being

yoga tunes into divine living

yoga tunes into breathing

yoga tunes in the light

yoga tunes in the dark

yoga tunes activate enlightened divine living breathing beings

yoga reaches us to the sun

to the moon,

to the stars,

we are yoga,

we are united,

tight and loose

peaceful warriors

we are a union

though they try to break us,

we are still always connected together

through our breath, air

heartbeats & footsteps,

up & down

life & death


and new beginnings

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om’s and ends,

namaste’s and forward bends,



bridges,trees,cats,cows, dogs,frogs,

happy babies

and back again,

to OM again,

Home again,

Yoga again.

thanks again…

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