co-hosting a tele-summit to gain a broader number of hits on google

the transformational power of telesummits

Three Things I Learned From Co-Hosting A Telesummit

1. Ask For Help
2. Prepare, Promote; Repeat
3. Don’t Give Up

A year ago I met three fantastic, curious and brave women while taking an online course with Tal Rachleff. The course was inspirational and we decided to implement what we had learned. It was a great opportunity to do something difficult with mutual support in a collaborative effort. 

We designed a three month weekly telesummit, bringing together twelve yogis to discuss transformative moments in their yoga practice and reaching out to two yogis who would be willing to share their experiences in an online interview along with us. The process of contacting the yogis was a challenge. After thoughtful discussions we each made our selection. The next step was to reach out to others who had hosted telesummits and ask for advice.  Speakers were formally invited and a schedule was set.

Research was undertaken to source a free online tool to host the calls. How do you predict how many “lines” you will need? How many people will call in?  Does it record? How do we save the recordings?  How do we make them available after the call?  Do we charge for the recordings? If so, when?  Most importantly how do people find out what we are doing?  We found the tool, made enquiries and got the answers to the recording and distribution questions.

A website was created with an affordable domain name. Some design assistance was required and with help from family and friends we sourced it at a low cost. 

Next was finding a way to communicate with people who would be signing up.  We turned to a free popular mail service. As we are self staffed a small upgrade fee to use the auto-responder function was required to stay on top of the variety of responses needed to be sent. We also managed and created our own series of email announcements and reminders for those who had signed up about the calls and the recordings by collaborating and dividing the workload.

A Facebook page was created and interviewees were asked to help with promotion. They were asked to mention the series in their email newsletters and in any other promotional material they had. Improvements such as more notes, guest blogs and announcements to organizations that deal with key elements of each of the speaker’s transformational events could have been made. There have been speakers addressing eating disorders, addictions, death of a child, physical injuries, cancer and so on. Taking these subjects as blog topics could have promoted those particular interviews to organizations dealing with those specific issues. 

Don’t be disheartened! It is hard and time consuming. You may doubt yourself, your mission, your reasons for taking the time and effort. Don’t give up! Don’t look at Big Time Promoters as a measure of success. Reflection after each conversation showed how important it was to put these voices out there, get conversations going and hear how POWERFUL people’s passions are. 

You will learn that that it is not about asking for help, preparation and promotion or perseverance. It will be about yourself and what you can do, even when you thought you couldn’t. As a wise man said “It is knowable”- you just have to keep at it.


For more about this telesummit which runs through the end of May go to and sign up.

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