what is my purpose?


free to be me


Lately I have had this craving, but it is not the kind that can be satiated with a delicious cacao, maca, lucuma, coconut sugar contraption.

I have had a craving to go inward and explore my true purpose in this life.

I visit a holistic chiropractor, participate in a women’s monthly moon gathering, two native American sweats, yoga retreat in the mountains, healers that see my guides, an intuitive in New Mexico, goal coaching classes at Lululemon, an intention workshop that is based from Agape teachings, and my own practices and rituals at home.

What is my purpose? ”¦.the voice whispers.

At home I have been delving into my old book collection of Louise Hay, Pema Chodron, SARK, and Abraham Hicks. While I drive to pick up my daughter I listen to CD’s in the car that inspire me. I walk daily and practice yoga at my local YMCA several times a week. Like physical exercise that needs to be “switched up”, after several years of telling myself that I meditate through my daily walks and yoga (which I believe I do), my body now needs to practice a different form of meditation as well. I have just started a seated meditation practice which I have found challenging. I take salt baths, sage my home, and just tried a castor oil pack.  My daughter and I walked to the park on the full moon and while she was on the swings, I lit incense and played her drum.

What is my purpose?…..the voice whispers.

Scientists and mystics are saying that it is a proven fact that time is moving more quickly right now. Mother Nature is in need of nurturing and protection now more than ever. There is a need to get quiet, connect, and remember what is truly important.  I need to feel the rhythms of the moon, the seasons and the planetary shifts, so that I may find my way and remember why I am here.

What is my purpose? ”¦.the voice whispers.

This is what I do know, I am surrounded by people, like myself, who want to be doing something purposeful. My fellow journeymen are looking for their souls purpose and desperately wanting to use it daily to help others at any cost. After being in careers or coming out of being a stay at home mom, people are desperate to find their North stars. If we were to equate this to the flu season, I would comfortably be able to state that this is an epidemic. I am demanding answers right now and my desire to commune with others, retreat for contemplation, and connect with nature are heightened.

What is my purpose?…..the voice whispers.

Just when I feel that I have reached a point or vista in my yoga practice, I will try something new and another bit of light will shine through. I felt that this summer, as I participated for a day at a yoga festival. With three two hour classes ahead of me I was excited to delve into the caves of my thinking and feeling. The first class which was a vinyasa flow set me up for the warming and loosening of my body in preparation for the endurance of the day. The second class excavated old beliefs through chanting and dancing, and the third class allowed me to hold, breathe and incorporate the days teachings. At days end, I felt so connected to the earth, to my fellow man, and to why just showing up is enough.

What is my purpose? The voice whispers to me.

I answer in return, I am here. I am breathing. I am present.

Heather Trappler – Intuitive Counselor in Los Angeles, CA – Macrovegan4life@gmail.com

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