interview with dream coach and artist, virginie pols

live consciously and authentically through dreams

Our dreams are a way to live consciously, enabling us to remember where we came from, where we are and where we want to go. They show us information about our future, point out what needs to be healed in our bodies or minds, and open up new paths to a more creative and meaningful life.

Virginie Pols is an artist, writer, and expert in the intricacies and therapeutic capacity of dreams.

Her wealth of knowledge and wisdom accrued through studying with masters and shamans from around the world has given her the skills to coach clients and hold fascinating dream workshops aimed at helping people improve their lives through tapping into their conscious and unconscious worlds.

We had the chance to sit with Virginie and pick her brain, catching a glimpse into her past, what led her to become a dream coach, and why she believes that dreams can be used as transformational self-empowerment tools to help us find our way to our most authentic selves.

YOGI TIMES: You are a dream catcher, artist, screenwriter, political scientist and author – an individual with many talents. Can you give us a glimpse into your background?

Virginie Pols: Since my early years, I was always very curious and imaginative. The world was my playground for my dreamworld. Drawing was my first way of expressing myself and my imagination.

And as soon as I was able to write, drawings turned into stories, mixing drawings, dialogues, colors, textures, words and imaginative realms.

After high school, I fell in love with theater. Each time I played a role, I completely let go of my personality, my own story, the reality I was used to. What a discovery! I felt it, acted like it, even dreamed it.

After three intensive years of learning and performing in Paris, I received a master’s degree in politics and ethnology. I was fascinated by other cultures, the ways that humans live and relate to each other, and how a human community faces its challenges of survival on biological, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels.

YT: How did you become a dream coach? Sounds like a dream job…

Virginie Pols: After having children and living in four different countries in 3 years, I faced an emotional breakdown. My entire life went upside down and took an entirely new turn.

I was encouraged to go back into nature and reconnect with myself. I found my way back to the whispers of my inner voice and the extraordinary way of living in synchronicity – that means listening to the calling from the universe and taking the necessary steps in that direction.

At that time, I met my first dream mentor, Heinz Büchli, who taught me about energy and physics. The idea that everything is energy, and how, in a certain plane, what looks solid is much more fluid than it seems.

I recovered visions from childhood, seeing behind material form, how to act as my higher self, and let go of controlling everything in my mind by delving deeper into my dreams. I discovered new ideas, such as how to shift consciousness, open my senses and reach other realms.

After years of intensive training, I began to see everything as a part of a dream. There, one foot in each world – the waking world and dream world – I discovered the possibility of transforming my life by being more conscious in both states.

I trained myself in biology and cosmology, having always been fascinated with how everything in the universe expands and the secret ways all things correspond with each other.

Then, I practiced core shamanism with Michael Harner while traveling and exploring other cultural healing, arts and cosmologies.

A few years ago I met Robert Moss, a wonderful teacher and founder of active dreaming – a synthesis of shamanic and dream practices from all over the world. After three years of training with him and practicing individual dream sessions, I felt skilled in the capacity to share these powerful practices as a dream ambassador and teacher.

YT: You mention on your website that “dreams contain essential keys for everyone to live their full human potential, both individually and collectively”. Can you give us an idea of what you mean by that?

Virginie Pols: The nature of dreams is not to be defined. Dreams are free and as soon as you try to define them, they fly away. They like to be heard, taken care of, and used in our daily lives.

Dreams are always looking for solutions, experiencing what could be, what could get us closer to our purpose, and further our natural evolution following the universal law of expansion. In a dream we feel, run, sleep, fly, make love; this reality already exists somewhere.

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As our physical selves, our habitual senses and minds retreat, other parts of us are experiencing something else entirely.

There are all sorts of dreams. Big dreams that we can call ‘dreams of clarity’. We generally remember these for a long time.

There are ‘teaching dreams’ that arrive to heal something profoundly wounded in us, give us solutions and keys for a specific problem we are facing in our lives. Dreams can be seen as a survival kit for the human race.

When we lived as nomadic tribes, dreams guided and warned humans where the next hunting spot would be, where the dangers lay and where there would be plentiful resources. Through dreams, we may have access to a higher level of consciousness and wisdom.

While the body and mind are asleep, we have the opportunity to access different states of consciousness. All kinds of ideas can be brought to our attention.

Dreams may point out an important issue, a warning about our health or behavior. They find strategies within a distinct plane of energy but they must be acknowledged in our waking state and eventually lead us to change.

YT: Do you think that dreams and meditation are related?

Virginie Pols: Meditation allows access to a higher nature: the state of awakening. The dream is also a practice that leads to awakening. We become aware of our thoughts and what we create in our daily reality.

In dzogchen bön buddhism, the dream is a continuation of the practice, simply done at night while we sleep. The goal is to become lucid in our dreams. What limits this, as in the waking state, are our emotions.

As soon as we come out of quiet observation while dreaming, we simultaneously come out of pure lucidity and re-enter the illusion of reality. These are night practices, where we try to remain lucid, to extend our consciousness as far as possible and transform the dream. A dream is a discipline and demands both practice and detachment, depth and lightness.

YT: Can you tell us a little more about your paintings and drawings?

Virginie Pols: I paint my visions and dreams. I paint as I bridge the spirit world and waking world. For me, there are no differences.

They are stories coming from the dream world. In late 2015, I was ending a rough life cycle where I had some painful realizations about what I was attracting and creating in my life. I woke up one morning and felt it was imperative to sit at my drawing table.

I started with a blank piece of paper and some black Chinese ink. I had nothing in mind at first. Yet an entire, complex structure was birthed.

The only thing I had to do was stand out the way and let go any form of judgment.

When I felt the structure was finished, I colored it in and released it. These past four months, each morning a new being has appeared on paper. Each one can be experienced by different senses. They present two polarities of the same energy.

YT: What can participants expect from your retreats an workshops?

Virginie Pols: Participants will have access to multi-dimensional realities, time travel, healing, and reality creation.

You will be able to unlock the power of your dreams and reconnect with a world filled with magic and synchronicity. I will teach the core techniques of active dreaming, and how to journey safely.

You will learn about dreaming as a way to connect to your innate knowledge and discover what part of you needs attention, love, and healing. You will journey in multi-dimensional realms to aid profound learning.

Active dreaming practices are tools for expanding consciousness while you are awake. This can help create a fuller, richer life. You will discover the principles of active dreaming that synthesize ancient shamanic practices with modern science and spiritual disciplines.

You will also gain insight into active dreaming as a way of being fully present in this world while maintaining constant contact with the world beyond reality, where deeper understanding and our life purpose can be found.

You will sample practical techniques that access other dimensions of reality to bring energy, guidance, and healing into your everyday waking life.

Together, we will use dreams to tune into our soul’s wisdom and remember our higher purpose. You may be able to shift your core beliefs and conception of yourself and see the bigger story of your life.

Dreaming is traveling and we all have the potential to travel deeper and further than you ever thought possible. You will learn about dreaming as a form of medicine.

Your dreams reveal what is going on inside your body, as well as inside your mind. Your dreams can provide powerful imagery for self-healing, and in working with this imagery you can create new blueprints for your body and mind.

Wake up and dream! – IG: VirginiePols

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