top five tips for a healthy new year


with soul, body and mind

Health is not only what you put in your mouth everyday, it’s a big part of it but the holistic factors are more than important to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Here are five factors that affects your body, mind and general health.

1. Find Your routine

Try to find a routine that suits you, most important is that you get enough energy from healthy and tasty foods during the day and that you get enough sleep. Sleep will help your energy level and prevent bad food cravings. But don’t be too extreme, of course you have to allow yourself to have some fun.

2. Eat natural foods

Choose the natural, organic and seasonal food. Always, as long as it is possible. It’s good for the planet, it’s good for your health and it tastes better. Eat a lot of vegetables every day, enjoy a lot of fruits and herbs full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals!

3. Exercise

Walking, practicing yoga, pilates, biking, dancing, climbing, running, playing tennis, etc. Find what you like – the human body is created to move to work well. Don’t force anything, it’s supposed to be fun!

Just try to get that hour of exercise in your planning and as soon you get started and notice a difference, don’t stop. If you think the money is the problem, what if you spend that 100€ on a training card instead of clothes next month? Or you start walking more instead of taking the metro.

4. Allow to rest

Plan “no-time” (as in not spending all day on facebook…) Try to have time for yourself at least a day every week, when you read, write, paint, bake, meditate, walk in the forest or whatever gives you some new energy. I find it important to turn off the social networking sometimes, especially today when we use it so much.

5. Choose Your life 

Learn how to say no, do what you feel like doing and not just do things because you have to. If you are honest to yourself, the people around you will be respectful to your needs. You will create more authentic relationships around you – real friends will always understand.