sphinx pose salamba bhujangasana

yoga pose to tone your abs

How – Sphinx pose salamba bhujangasana

Lay on your stomach with legs stretched out behind you at hip distance. Bring your elbows underneath your shoulders, at shoulder distance. Place your hands flat on the floor also at shoulder distance. Rest your forearms on the floor. Roll up through the front line of the body from navel to crown of head as if you were coming into cobra pose. Squeeze in through the belly not letting the front ribs jut forward and see if you can lift the navel off the floor. Press the pubic bone into the floor. Engage the legs and press them into the floor. Tops of the feet press into the floor as well.

As you exhale, release your head down, letting it hang but keep the shoulders open by drawing them back. With an inhale, begin to lift the pelvis and top of your thighs of the ground as you press down into the feet. The knees stay on the floor.

Exhale and bring your pelvis down, press against the floor with an inhale and with an exhale roll up from the belly to the crown of the head coming back into traditional sphinx pose.

Repeat the movements about 3 – 5 times. The final time, hold the lifted pelvis and thighs for a few breaths, as many as possible building up over time to about 7 – 8 breaths. You might start to notice the body working hard. Keep hugging the belly in and up as you hold the pose.


This variation takes the traditional pose and adds more core work to tone the belly and help you build core strength which can take you further in other poses and in life. Building a stronger core lets you stand taller by supporting your body better. In this pose you learn that there is always more out there if you look at things in a different way. A pose that you might have been practicing for years can be practiced in a new way if you are open to the possibilities that exist and look beyond the basic shape of the pose.

Take a few minutes out of your day to get toned and fit abs with this variation of Sphinx Pose. Do this pose at least 3 times a week. If you can try for 5 times a week or anytime you get on your yoga mat to get even more out of the pose. Make sure that you do some stretching before to warm up the muscles of your body and always pay attention to how you are feeling before coming into the pose.

Who – Maria De Noda

When I first started to practice yoga over 20 years ago, I had no idea the many benefits I would get from my practice. Not only have I noticed the physical benefits, but also emotional benefits as well. Yoga helps me to feel more centered when things aren’t going as I think they should be going. It helps me navigate through the difficult times in life. Teaching yoga for the last 6 years has shown me the transformative power of the practice in others as well as I watch my students blossom and overcome obstacles in their lives. I am inspired by my practice but specially by my students.

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