water magic: psychic-awareness bath

At the beginning of every year we envision what we want. We are fully aware of our inner desires and trust in our capabilities to achieve. Sometimes, somewhere along the way, we lose the path. We neglect our spiritual powers. We forget that we are much more than a mere physical body.

Since delving into Mary Muryn’s book ‘Water Magic’ we have been discovering how medical science is in accordance with the metaphysical. This Water Magic series translates traditional bathing rituals as worthy ways to replenish the mind, body, and soul. Using scientific understanding we create the power to bring healing balance to our physical and metaphysical ailments.

Let us remind ourselves that what we want is to revitalize what we see, and what you don’t see. Let us trust in our ability to create our own powerful, supernatural energy.

Purpose: Encourages spiritual awareness and develops psychic faculties.

Mix 3 or more of this selection of oils in your bath, using 5 drops each:

Lilac Oil— Helps us to see past lives, induces clairvoyant powers.

Lemongrass— Aids psychic powers, we recommend putting some on your forehead whilst bathing, as it is used to make contact with spirits.

Mimosa— For night-time baths, it unlocks the door to your psychic mind. Keep a notepad and pencil next to your bed and write down your dreams. Don’t be surprised to find glimpses of the future in your dreams.

Juniper— Used for psychic protection and purification. We recommend adding to each psychic awareness bath.

Magnolia— Excellent for meditation and psychic development; this brings peace and harmony.

Nutmeg— Promotes visions and expands consciousness. Just use a little of this!

Don’t forget your candle!

How to: Mix these ingredients gently into your warm tub, when you are already in the water. Swirl the essences around your body.

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The third eye is located in the center of your forehead, between your eyebrows. Mystics believe that by concentrating on this point, you will awaken your inner vision. If you practice the following exercise daily, you will definitely feel and experience your third eye.

While in this bath, you can practice this third-eye-opening exercise:

Burn a candle where you can see it. Stare into the flame, relaxing your eyes, and imagine the reflection of the flame at the center of your forehead, between your eyebrows.

Concentrate there for a minute or two, and then repeat. Let yourself drift, but try to limit your thoughts as you do so.

If your thoughts are overwhelming, try to calm your mind by concentrating on your breathing. If you count up to seven on each inhaled breath and seven for each exhale, you will calm your mind, which will allow your third eye to open.

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