yoga flow on a broken window

Poetry Yoga Flow on a Broken Window

urban bhakti flow

san francisco

beautiful sunny sunset scene

spirited smiles sweet

super yoga amass

eager students practice

nervous handstand falls awry


through old window,

broken glass splash!

shreiks, cracks, burst, blast!

though gopa rusty wells

to the rescue quickly…

cleaned up glass

smiles, hugs, happy mats

over shattered glass

Fears, Light and Dark

surrender, sing

OM Sita Roam

roaming shards of light

pierce yoga poses

pranic asanas

& wet gritty mats

press lifetimes

push smiles

past broken glass


flow & go

thru high & low

yogis to yoga

shiva & shakti

Back to Bhakti

open hearts &

don’t forget

to Be In Love!

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