mayurasana | peacock pose

Hey there yogis, I thought that this month I’d treat to you a little something special: Peacock pose – a challenging posture requiring strength and balance. It takes a bit of practice, but in no time you’ll be looking as beautiful as the bird himself. Woof!

Let’s begin by kneeling down, with the knees apart and the toes together. Place the hands flat on the floor between the knees, fingers pointing towards you with elbows together. Now, bring the legs behind you, and lean the body forward so that your weight is on your hands. The elbows will press into your abdomen, giving the internal organs a nice massage! Once you feel balanced, lift the feet off the floor, so that the whole of the body is poised on the hands. Voila! As beautiful as my feathery friend the peacock. Hold for at least five breaths, then come down to rest in child’s pose. 

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