actively pursuing inspiration

Magic In Your Life Spirituality

1. Expand your view of the world

Open yourself up to the possibility of magic in your life. If you are not actively seeking magic, beauty, wonder or awe, how will you ever see it?

By actively pursuing inspiration in your life you will find that magic will reveal itself to you. Magic can happen in your daily life in a multitude of ways. Try arising a few minutes earlier to see the brilliance of a sunrise. Wrap up in quilts and sit on a chilly beach with your loved ones along with a roaring fire while watching the stars and moon twinkle on the sheen of the dark bay. It could be as simple as stopping to smell a rose. Take in its beautiful, delicate scent, and feel the softness of its petals.

2. Focus on the present moment 

If you are not present in your own life, how can you stand witness to the magic that could be happening right before you?

  1. Cease worrying about the laundry, the next deadline, being stuck in traffic…. just stop and breathe.
  2. Fill your lungs deeply and fully, exhale just as deeply, bring your attention back to you. Just stop.
  3. Look around you and see the world as it is currently. Watch the snow flutter past your window, taste your food, truly hear the giggles of your children.

The world is actively pursuing you with its beauty, but it will pass you by if you don’t stop to admire it. 

3. Seek out magic in every circumstance

If you’re feeling drained, trapped in the same tried patterns, try seeking something new.

  1. Try a new restaurant or coffee shop.
  2. Explore a new trail or beach. Visit a museum or gallery. 
  3. Refresh your spirit with new wonder.

    4. Visualize and imagine

See the magic you want to see!

If you are walking through the forest imagine what the trees are thinking or hear what the birds are saying to one another. Feel what it is like to be a seedling sprouting into a beautiful flower. Express your magic by painting, capturing pictures, creating poetry.

5. Feel Gratitude

Finding and expressing gratitude for the air in your lungs, awe that your heart pumps constantly for you, love for your skin that protects you, giving thanks for the sight your eyes provide. Finding gratitude for yourself, for your loved ones, your brothers and sisters of this earth. For you, my friends, are walking magic. Start your morning by writing down 10 things you are grateful for and how that makes you feel.

Anndrea is a Professional Counselor, Wellness Specialist and 200- Registered Yoga Teacher. You can find her at

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